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Sodick Spare Parts Sodick EDM Parts for More EDM Consumables

Sodick Upper Head Slide Block, Fixed Plate
Discharge Cables For AQ360, AQ550, AQ325
Isolator Plate, Ceramic Tube, Upper AWT Pipe

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No.Item CodeProduct DescriptionRemarks
13032729Sodick GF tube FRC115Px365mm

3032835 3034428 


Sealing Ring 

for Lower Arm

Discharge cable

AG600 Upper

and lower

Discharge cableAG400 Lower
Discharge cableAG400 Upper
Discharge cableAD360 Lower
73088180Discharge cableAD360 Upper
8116687ADischarge cable

AQ750 upper 

and lower

93110137Discharge cableAQ600 Lower
103110136Discharge cableAQ600 Upper
113088801Discharge cableAQ560 Lower
123088160Discharge cableAQ560 Upper
133087038Discharge cableAQ550 Lower
143087079Discharge cableAQ550 Upper
15116687A 3087630Discharge cable

AQ537 Upper 

and lower

163087630Discharge cableAQ535 Upper
173110162Discharge cableAQ400 Lower
183110163Discharge cableAQ400 Upper
193088159Discharge cableAQ360 Lower
203088160Discharge cableAQ360 Lower
213088180Discharge cableAQ360 Upper
223087260Discharge cableAQ327 Lower
23216427B 216428BDischarge cableAQ327 Upper
24116501A 3087260Discharge cableAQ325mm
252040497Conveyer beltL=1705mm
262040143Conveyer beltL=1875mm
272040139Conveyer beltL=1785mm
282040049Conveyer beltL=1595mm
292040140Conveyer beltL=1580mm
302040141Conveyer beltL=1675mm
312040055Conveyer beltL=1795mm
322040056Conveyer beltL=1830mm
332040142Conveyer belt
342040058Conveyer beltL=1985mm
352040059Conveyer beltL=2020mm
362040144Conveyer beltL=1970mm
372040145Conveyer beltL=2065mm
382040534Conveyer beltL=1370mm
392040535Conveyer beltL=1390mm
402041088Conveyer beltL=1890mm
412040536Conveyer beltL=2360mm
422040634Conveyer beltL=2520mm
432040817Conveyer beltL=3820mm
442040799Conveyer beltL=3870mm
452040611Conveyer beltL=3895mm
462040610Conveyer beltL=3895mm
472040995Conveyer beltL=3715mm
482040996Conveyer beltL=3670mm
492040813Conveyer beltL=3475mm
502040814Conveyer beltL=3434mm
512040773Conveyer beltL=3085mm
522040774Conveyer beltL=2360mm
532040075Conveyer beltL=3950mm
542040066Conveyer beltL=3034mm
552040048Conveyer beltL=1350mm
562040074Conveyer beltL=3840mm
572050119Conveyer beltL=2960mm
582050115Conveyer beltL=1340mm
592040536Conveyer beltL=1690mm
602040069Conveyer beltL=3335mm

With over 20 years experience, TAGUTI is one of the leading and certified sodick spare parts sodick edm parts for more edm consumables manufacturers and suppliers in China for its quality products and excellent services. We have a productive factory at your service. Please rest assured to buy.

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