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World Wire Cutting Machine Development

Middle of 20th century, Soviet lazhalinke couples switch contact points by spark erosion damage and cause, found spark instantaneous temperature can make partial melting of metals, and oxidation and corrosion, thereby created and invented electric spark machining, wire-cut electrical discharge machine was invented in 1960 in the Soviet Union. When the projector manually feeding the work around the table watching profile processing, in fact, that processing speed is slow, but can process the difficult process of traditional mechanical micro-shapes. Practical example is the representative of knitting shaped hole in machining of nozzle. Use of machining fluids of mineral oil (kerosene). High insulation resistance, distance between electrodes, processing speed below the weapon armed now, practicality is limited.

NC, deionized water (near water) by first processing machines in Switzerland EDM machinery exhibited in Paris in 1969, machine tool exhibition, improved processing speed, and establish the safety of unmanned operation. But NC tape made it very tedious, if not automatic programming mainframe computers, which is a great burden to users. Cheap automatic programming device (Automatic Programed Tools APT) before the popularity of very slow. Japan factory development with a small computer programming wire EDM machines cheap and accelerated in popularity. Wire EDM machining shape for the second element contours. Automatic program device made simple-APT (APT language easier than formal models), the emergence of simple-APT for cutting an important factor on motor development

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