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Wire Tension Of Molybdenum Wire Size Selection Tips

First of all, we know the size of molybdenum wire tension directly affects the cutting precision and surface roughness of for better or worse, when the wire tension is moderate, and achieve optimal cutting speed. If excessive tension wire electrode, electrode wire beyond the elastic deformation limit, bent back and forth frequently, friction, together with discharge and heat is produced, water-based cooling effect of transformation, are prone to fatigue causing broken wires. Wire processing, wire tension too strong, broken wires usually happen when reversing, serious even when idling also broken wires. But, if the wire tension force is too small, especially when cutting more thick parts, due to the large span wire electrode, wire processing, curved discharge pressure change, eventually the wire electrode cutting track backward and off the product profile, resulting in a shape and size specifications. Such as the experience of cutting thick cylindrical drum shape, serious fast running wire broken wires with easy to jump out of the wheel Groove.

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