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Wire Cutting Machine Tools Usage Considerations

1, when you move the table or spindle, and according to the distance of workpiece correctly movement speed to prevent collisions when you move too fast.

2, programmed according to actual situation when determining the correct processing and processing route, stop processing location or take sides caused by insufficient strength of the workpiece either scrapped or cut fall ahead.

3, the amount of line-cutting must be confirmed before procedure, and the compensation is correct.

4, check wire tension is enough. When cutting taper tension should be down to the usual half.

5, check that the electrode Wire feeding speed is appropriate.

6, based on the processing of selected open-type machining or secret process, on the premise of avoiding interference to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece. Key processing, the distance of the nozzle and the workpiece and generally the 0.05~0.1mm.

7, check the Jets selected is reasonable, rough with high pressure jets, finishing with low pressure Jet.

8, should be observed when judge process stability, adverse adjustments in time.

9, in the process, be sure to check monitoring of cutting conditions and found the problem immediately.

10, processing machine tools occurred in unusually short or outage, must find out the real reason and make the right treatment, to continue processing.

11, processing reasons due to break in when paused, after treatment must ensure that there is no interference, can continue processing.

12, modify process parameters must be carried out in the context of machine allows.

13, processing it is strictly prohibited to touch the electrode wire and the object being cut to prevent electric shock.

14, when to do the work to prevent fluid sputtered out of the box.

15, processing is strictly prohibited on the rotary machine box, so as not to affect the accuracy.


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