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What Is The Processing Principle Of High Speed Machining?

What is the processing principle of High Speed Machining?
High Speed Machining is now widely used in our lives, including the aluminum parts of the bulk processing, shoe mold manufacturing, fixture processing, watch eye and other industries, then what is the High Speed Machining processing principle? The following by the World technical staff to introduce High Speed Machining processing principles:
 Principle 1: High Speed Machining operating system usually has open-loop servo system, closed-loop servo system, semi-closed-loop servo system, position detection components, servo drive components are mostly pseudo-motor, the input data through the NC system operation output pulse And then control the pseudo-component motor rotation, and then through the drive system background, so that the implementation of the components to move and turn up.
Principle 2: In the high speed Machining after the start of the process of digital information in the form of the program code input to the machine control system background, and then by its operation after the conversion into the servo system command signal, and then control the CNC machine The components are operated with the spindle and the main unit.
Principle three: CNC high-speed machine on the high-speed rotating carving head, the use of point-to-point telescopic tool design, according to the processing of the material configuration of the corresponding size of the tool, fixed on the host table processing materials for cutting, Computer design in a variety of flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, to achieve the entire cutting automation processing.
Above is the principle of High Speed Machining processing, and only a real understanding of High Speed Machining can only make us greatly improve the efficiency of the work for us to create greater economic benefits, so we must use their daily necessities to understand its processing principles , And comply with the relevant operating rules.
 High Speed Machining is a kind of equipment which can improve the speed when the machine is working. When used correctly, the cutting condition is selected correctly and the cutting quantity can be determined reasonably, which can effectively improve the quality and yield of High Speed Machining. Then in the use of High Speed Machining cutting speed of the determinants of what?
 1, tool material: tool material is different, allowing the highest High Speed Machining speed is also different. High-speed steel cutting tool high temperature cutting speed of less than 50m / min, tungsten carbide cutting tool high temperature cutting speed of up to 100m / min or more, ceramic cutting tool high temperature cutting speed up to 1000 / min.
2, the workpiece material: the hardness of the workpiece material will affect the speed of the tool, the same tool cutting hard materials, cutting speed to be reduced, and high-speed machining of soft materials, cutting speed can be improved.
3, High Speed Machining speed and cooling capacity and there is no necessary relationship, higher fan speed but will bring higher noise, optional cooling fan products, if the wind is almost, you can choose the low speed fan, when used Quiet some.
4, tool life: tool life (life) requirements long, you should use a lower cutting rate. Conversely, a higher cutting speed can be used.
The above four aspects of the High Speed Machining cutting speed on the decisive factor, the other High Speed Machining main parts of the high speed, high oscillation of high-quality spindle with a strong stability of the marble bed and advanced CNC system assembled; in the processing of parts Can achieve very good results.

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