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What Is A Wire Cut

Wire-EDM machine, is reciprocating high-speed wire-EDM machine tool category, go back and forth at high speed on wire-EDM machine multiple times with cutting, is commonly known as "wire-cutting". In the go silk technology in here pointed out that, so-called "in the go silk" is not refers to go silk speed between high-speed and speed Zhijian, but composite go thread cutting machine, that go silk principle is in roughing Shi used high-speed (8-12m/s) go silk, fine processing Shi used speed (1-3M/s) go silk, such work relative smooth, and jitter small, and through times cutting reduced material deformation and the mo silk loss brings of errors, makes processing quality also relative improve, processing quality can between high-speed go silk machine and speed go silk machine Zhijian.

Thus it can be said that users say "wire" wire-EDM machine back and forth is actually borrowed some of the low speed wire-processing technology, and streak-free cutting and multiple cutting. Drawn wire technology in practice, first cut in many cutting tasks are mainly high-speed stable cutting, high peak currents, a longer pulse width of normalized current cutting in order to obtain higher cutting speeds. Second intensive cutting task was to ensure the precision of machining size. Optional secondary criteria, the second cutting roughness Ra of between 1.4~1.7 μ m.

In order to achieve the objective of intensive, usually the low speed wire, wire speed for 1~3M/s and for tracking feed speed limit within a certain range to eliminate the round cut stripes and obtain the required precision of machining size. Third times, and fourth times or more times cutting (currently in the go silk control software up can achieved seven times cutting) of task is throwing mill repair light, available minimum pulse wide (currently minimum can crossover to 1 μ s) for repair light, and peak current with processing surface quality requirements and different, actually fine repair process is a EDM grinding, processing volume is micro-, not change artifacts of size size. Wire method is used like a second cut at low speed wire feed speed limit.

Wire technology in the process, repeatedly cutting note also deformation processing, because online when cutting the workpiece, with the original stresses the role of and effects of thermal stress generated by spark discharge process will yield deformation without direction, without rules, make the back of the cutting knife weight unevenly, affecting machining quality and accuracy. Therefore according to the different materials allow different machining allowances, to fully reverse the workpiece fully release the stress and deformation in the back can have enough headroom to make repeatedly cutting precision cutting processing, this will enable the final size of the workpiece is assured.

A kind of wire-EDM machine and work principle is the use of continuous movement of molybdenum wire (wire) for electrodes pulse spark erosion of metal, cutting the workpiece shape. The wire speed and quality between fast wire between wire and wire in the so called, accurate said: walk in silk is fast wire upgrade products, it can also be called: many times faster cutting wire, so its fast processing speed is close to the wire, and machining quality tends to be slow. Between the 1~12m/s wire speed can be adjusted according to the need. With multiple cutting function (and wire cut works the same way), at the time of processing, the control system will automatically adjust according to program parameters (high frequency and pulse duration, pulse, quantity of power tubes and wire speed), and, in the process also can artificially change the processing parameters for appropriate regulation.

In the go silk in retained fast go thread cutting machine structure simple, and cost low, and process effect good, and using process consumption less, features of based Shang, reference international Shang precision mold processing equipment of advanced concept and the walking silk times cutting technology (that first times cutting with larger of electric rules associate for high-speed rough cutting, then with fine rules associate and subtle rules associate for second times, and third times even fourth to fifth times cutting, will processing surface step by step repair light, to get more ideal of processing surface quality and processing precision), the machine than fast go silk more human, Convenient, more widely applicable not only wire electrode movement speed is between "high" and "low", and processing quality is higher than the "high-speed wedm machine", and low speed wire machine. Wire for the mold industry in a revolution, has greatly improved the original weakness fast wire processing quality, and reduces tooling costs to a great extent! Wire-in high speed wire price, quality of the wire!

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