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Use Thread Electrode To Test The Following Product Tests

Use Thread Electrode to test the following product tests

We often use Thread Electrode to find out that the test is inaccurate, or to test the failure of the threaded Thread Electrode. For these reasons, we have a relationship with the tested solution, and we should pay more attention to the different solutions when we try the screw Thread Electrode.

1, the PH of the test solution is greater than 10, the concentration of alkali metal ions such as Na + large with screw Thread Electrode membranes of H + ion exchange and increase the H + concentration in the solution, measure the PH value is less than the actual value, the "base" by mistake. So every test in the high alkali and acid solution, the best first Thread Electrodes in similar pH solution soaking and measured, can improve the response speed, reduce the immersion time in order to improve measurement accuracy.

2, Thread Electrode has a damage on the thread when measuring the pH in the solution, in addition to high alkali and acid in the solution must be rapid operation, after use must use appropriate detergent timely cleaning, other such as hydrofluoric acid, fluoride, concentration of ethanol, potassium dichromate sulfuric acid lotion etc. Do not use thread measuring Thread Electrode, the corrosion and damage the glass because the solution will not only sensitive film, but also can make glass membrane dehydration and failure, serious damage to the Thread Electrode.

3, measuring viscosity larger organic solution such as protein, tanning, dyeing, because of the viscous material will be produced in the Thread Electrode film deposition, H + exchange and reduce the measurement sensitivity, will jam the salt bridge calomel Thread Electrode, saturated KCL solution leakage slow, increases the liquid junction potential Thread Electrode and calomel Thread Electrode impedance appear slow response, electricity meter value for the instability of the phenomenon. Therefore, the Thread Electrode must be remade according to the property of the pollutant.

Chemical properties of the test solution, physical state of thread in the pH measurement Thread Electrode can not be ignored, the influence of the thread, internal resistance, asymmetric transformation coefficients of Thread Electrode potential, response speed, calomel Thread Electrode Thread Electrode potential, internal resistance, Thread Electrode ball bubble of the degree of infiltration, the influence of measuring temperature and factors such as physical and chemical properties of the test solution will affect the pH measurement results, some even endanger the life of the Thread Electrode, so we must pay great attention to

The importance of Thread Electrodes is believed to be clear. If the screw Thread Electrode is measured in error, the subsequent work is equal to white. Therefore, selecting a qualified Thread Electrode is a difficult problem for many customers. The question that shenzhen isda should pay attention to when choosing

1. Through the authentication of ISO9001, only verification is the biggest guarantee.

2. First-class supplier of after-sales service, preferably in the Thread Electrode industry.

3. Be sure to tell your sales staff the solution you want to measure, and ask the salesperson to recommend the appropriate Thread Electrode.

Thread Electrode selection is on the one hand, while daily maintenance and maintenance are also important. Only two aspects are done to measure the exact solution value.

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