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Thread Electrode Fixture Design Should Meet What Requirements?

Thread Electrode fixture design should meet what requirements? The design of the clamp is designed to meet the requirements of the processing of the workpiece, but also to meet the requirements of most of the processing of the workpiece, fixture design is reasonable not only to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece processing requirements, but also to ensure that the fixture reused. So what should the Thread Electrode fixture design meet?
Thread Electrode fixture design should meet the requirements:
(1) to meet the positioning requirements and clamping requirements of the Thread Electrode workpiece. Thread Electrode has the characteristics of multi-process set, parts in a clamping, both rough milling, rough boring, but also fine milling, fine boring, it is necessary to bear a great cutting force, but also to meet the precise positioning accuracy requirements.
(2) fixture, workpiece and Thread Electrode work surface connection should be reasonable. Thread Electrode There is a standard T-shaped groove on the workpiece table, the center of the turntable has a circular hole, the table side with a reference baffle and other positioning components, fixtures installed on the table to use these positioning pieces. Clamping method generally with T-slot screw or work surface on the fastening screws, with bolts or pressure plate compression. The holes or slots for fastening on the clamp should correspond to the T-slot or screw holes on the table.
(3) You must leave enough machining space for the Thread Electrode tool movement. The installation of the fixture can not interfere with the trajectory of the machining tool. For example, when machining a large plane part with a Thread Electrode end mill, the feed and tool path can not interfere with the clamping bolts and platters. Similarly, some drill chucks, spring chucks and boring rods are also prone to interference with the tool. Therefore, some cabinet parts use their internal space to arrange the clamping device.
According to Thread Electrode manufacturers Shandong power and heavy industry, compared with imported cutting tools, domestic tool quality is poor, the performance of the geometric size of the low precision, rough surface, short life, in order to improve the processing efficiency of Thread Electrode and processing quality, from the following To take measures:
First, Thread Electrode manufacturers to adjust the tool, which can reduce the tool in the Thread Electrode installation adjustment time, reduce the operator tool preparation time,
Second, Thread Electrode manufacturers to sharpen the tool. Here refers to re-grinding, Thread Electrode used by the tool is best CNC tool grinding machine grinding tool, when the tool with blunt, it should be timely grinding after storage, to ensure that the library tool can be used normally.
Third, Thread Electrode manufacturers of computer tools for the management of the tool. With the increasing complexity of CNC machining, tool management is more and more complex, the manual management of the tool is easy to produce errors. Therefore, it should implement the computer management of the tool, the computer management of the tool should include outbound and outbound management, management, management with knife, tool size measurement and management, tool life management, tool scrap management, statistical reports, tool inquiries, The interface to the cutting parameter database, and the maintenance of the tool library.
The reason why the control system does not lift the signal input, pay attention to whether the control system has lifted the signal barrier; lift the hydraulic valve stuck without action, this situation to stop Thread Electrode All power, through the repair or removal of dirt, and the replacement of hydraulic valves and other measures to solve.
The number of pulses entered by the control system is insufficient, and the amount of pulses can be checked for the necessary adjustments. The mechanical transmission system and the Thread Electrode link gap are too large. Big reason. Adjust the gap between the mechanical transmission system, such as the axial movement of the worm or replace the gear, lock expansion sleeve and so on.
There are a number of possible reasons for the rotation of the table screw in place. There are a number of reasons: the workbench lift or release signal is not issued. Check whether the signal switch is disabled and replace the fail switch if necessary. The control system does not The reason for the signal input, check whether the control system has the index signal output; with the motor or gear connected to the expansion sleeve loosening, check the expansion sleeve connection, tighten the expansion sleeve compression screw; hydraulic turntable turning hydraulic cylinder wear Or seal damage, repair damaged parts or replace the seal, and several other common causes.

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