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The Taiwan Series For EDM Must Be Used For The Reason Of The Immersion

The Taiwan Series for EDM must be used for the reason of the immersion

Taiwan Series for EDM are to be carried out must be soaked before use, because the ball bubble film is a special kind of glass, the glass membrane surface is a very thin hydrated gel layer, it is only under the condition of full moisture good response and solution of ions, also because the glass electrode immersed and can make the asymmetric potential drops greatly and become stable.

Electrodes have something like this:

(1) the asymmetric potential: when the electrode of the internal and external reference electrode, the phase at the same time, both internal and external reference solution theoretically battery electromotive force should be equal to zero, but in fact there are several millivolt to dozens of millivolt potential difference exists, suggesting that glass ball bubble inside and outside two interface is asymmetric, Taiwan Series for EDM this potential difference is called asymmetric potential. The asymmetric potential is related to the process of blowing the bulb, and it is also related to the erosion or contamination of the bulb surface in the use of the bulb. In practice, the device can be used to eliminate it.

Zero potential: the zero potential of the electrode is the value of the solution that measures the potential of the battery for zero. It depends on the value of the endoginseng solution and the concentration of chloride ions. If the zero potential value of the electrode is greater than or less than the zero potential value of the electrode, the polarity of the electrode will change.

The internal resistance of the electrode is determined by the internal resistance of the bulb glass. It depends on the composition and thickness of the glass, Taiwan Series for EDM and the resistance is generally tens of megaohm. And according to the exponential increase with the temperature drop drops every 7 ℃, internal resistance increases 1 times, high internal resistance of the electrode of the electric meter high input impedance and insulation shielding requirements, so the electrode resistance lower as well.

The base error and acid error: when the acidity and alkalinity of the solution are increased, the electrode potential will deviate from the linear relationship with the pH value of the solution, which is called the base error and the acid error. The base error is due to the fact that in a solution with very low hydrogen ion concentration, the response of the electrode membrane is not only related to the concentration of hydrogen ion, but also related to the concentration of alkali metal ions in the solution. The base error causes the measured pH to be lower than the actual value. The acid error occurred in the lower pH range (pH < 1 ~ 2), and the acid error caused the pH to be higher than the actual value.

In selecting the Taiwan Series for EDM, we have to consider these aspects in addition to the price factor of Taiwan Series for EDM.

Selection criteria for industrial acidity

Online Taiwan Series for EDM also called industrial acidity meter, it is a kind of high precision EDM series of Taiwan, Taiwan Series for EDM acidity meter to pay special attention to choose and buy, a suitable PH PH meter can prolong the service life of Taiwan Series for EDM, the user before the order, please be sure to confirm the following parameters:

1. Test medium (including the composition, concentration and turbidity of media)

2. Test medium temperature and pressure

3. Probe installation mode

4. Length of the probe signal line (10 megabytes of standard)

5. Surface use environment


Purchasing Taiwan Series for EDM/industrial Taiwan Series for EDM/online Taiwan Series for EDM/acid meter/online acidity meter/industrial acidity meter precautions:

1. Whether the medium contains corrosive substances, the concentration is how much, (strong acid strong alkali needs to use special probe), attention: if contain hydrofluoric acid to need to use special anti-hf probe.

2. The medium temperature and pressure, general conditions choose the probe within 0-80 ℃, such as high temperature must choose high temperature probe. Pressure normal pressure is 0.6mpa, such as high pressure to select the high pressure probe.

3. Probe installation method: submerged installation, side wall installation, pipe installation, flange installation, floating installation, circulation installation.

4. The distance between the probe sensor (electrode) and the PH display meter is within 30 meters, and the standard is 10m. For example, the signal amplifier or secondary instrument need to be configured for more than 30 meters.

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