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The Saving Of EDM Drilling Affects The Service Life

The saving of EDM Drilling affects the service life

The storage of spark drill directly affects the life of the spark drill and the sensitivity and stability of the EDM Drilling to different samples. If an EDM Drilling is used every day, it should be kept in a buffer solution of pH4 or pH7.

If you want to stay overnight or for a long time, please keep a low electrical spark drill like drinking water in a buffer solution of pH4 or pH7. If an EDM Drilling is used to measure a solution of high ionic concentration such as life effluent, please keep the spark drill in place of the corresponding pH storage solution. If the spark drill takes longer to soak in the pH storage solution, such as one night, please soak the spark drill in pH4 or pH7 buffer solution for more than 15 minutes before calibration.

The protection measures in these areas can improve the service life of the EDM Drilling.

Correct use and maintenance spark drill

When the composite spark drill is not used, it must be thoroughly soaked in 3M potassium chloride solution. Avoid washing with detergent or other water-absorbing reagents.

Before use, check the bulb of the front of the glass sparker. The EDM Drilling should be transparent without crack; The bulb should be filled with solution without air bubbles.

When measuring a large concentration of solution, it is possible to shorten the time of measurement and carefully clean it after use, so as to prevent contamination of the EDM Drilling with the adhesive.

After cleaning the EDM Drilling, do not wipe the glass film with filter paper, EDM Drilling apply filter paper to absorb dry, avoid damaging glass film, prevent cross contamination.

The silver chloride of the electric spark in the measurement of the electric spark is dipped into the bulb of the bulb in the bulb of the bulb, so as to avoid the digital jumping phenomenon. When using, pay attention to gently drop the spark drill.

The EDM Drilling cannot be used for strong acid, alkali or other corrosive solution.

It is strictly prohibited to use in the water-free media such as anhydrous ethanol and potassium dichromate.

The preparation and preservation of standard buffer

The pH standard should be kept in a dry place.

The pH standard liquid is used for secondary distilled water or for ionized water. If it is used for a 0.1 pH meter, you can use ordinary distilled water.

The pH standard solution shall be diluted with a smaller beaker to reduce the pH standard fluid on the beaker wall. Store pH standard material of plastic bags or other containers, in addition to pour a clean, also used distilled water rinse for many times, then pour into the pH standard solution preparation, to ensure the preparation of standard solution of the pH value of the accurate.

EDM Drilling The standard buffer solution can be kept for two to three months, and should not be used when there is cloudy, mildew or precipitation.

EDM Drilling Only proper use can improve the life of the EDM Drilling, so we need to be very careful when using it.

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