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The Relationship Between Edm Filter And Edm Machine

The relationship between wire cut edm filter and wire cut edm machine

      All the elder generation of edm machining manufacturers are clearly aware of the importance of wire-cut edm filter on the WEDM. The so-called filtering means that impurities are removed from the wire edm filter and no particles remaining on the wire cutting machine, and this will promote good maintenance of the edm machine. Now first let’s look at the different types of wire cut edm machine, in order to better analyze what kind of wire cut edm filter are suitable for the wire cut edm machines, then we can introduce you some edm filters manufactured by our TAGUTI factory production line.

      According to the running speed of electrode wire, WEDM machine or electrical discharge machines can be divided into two categories:

      1. HSWEDM, high speed wire cut edm machines, are featured with the electrode wire working high-speed reciprocating cutting. Its the general wire walking speed is 8-10 m per second. The electrode wire can be reused, but the fast speed of electrode wire easily leads to electrode wire jitter and reverses the pause, so that the machining quality will decline. HS-WEDM is the main machine models of Chinese production and use, and also China's original CNC WEDM processing mode. In general, the electrode wire is molybdenum wire. TAGUTI created the cold-drawn technology of molybdenum wire in the history, so we advise the molybdenum wire to our clients for better machining quality, especially to Chinese edm machine makers. TAGUTI molybdenum wire is not easily broken and has undergone many tests by edm machines. We are trying best to bring good and stable quality to the various and changeable edm market.

      2. LSWEDM, low speed wire cut edm machines, are featured with the electrode wire working low-speed and one-way movement. The general wire walking speed is less than 0.2 meters per second. The electrode wire is no longer used after discharge with work smoothly, evenly, jitter small, better processing quality. So the low speed electrical discharge machines are the main machine models of foreign production and useage.

In conclusion, WEDM is divided into two categories, HS-WEDM and LS-WEDM. There are a lot of edm consumables used in WEDM machines, such as wire edm filter, power feed contact or conductive blocks, molybdenum wires, brass wires. TAGUTI supplies all kinds of edm wear parts. We have a production line to make edm filters and test the stable quality. For over 20 yeas past, TAGUTI has accumulated rich experience in edm field. We never change our original intentions. Quality and integrity are our languages.


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