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The Name Meaning Of CNC EDM Machine Model

The name meaning of CNC EDM Machine Model

According to the international practice, the model code of cnc edm machine has some specific naming rule such as DK7732. The basic meaning of DK7732 can be explained like below. D refers to the machining industry, that is, Electrical Discharge Machines. K refers to the features of edm machines, which is numerical controlling machines. 7 refers to the Spark EDM machining group and the second 7 means the categories of edm machines ( 7 means high speed wire cut edm machines; 6 is low speed wire edm machines and 1 refers to die sinker edm machines). 32 is the basic machining parameters, which refers to the X working travel is up to 320mm.

With the development of high speed edm machines, the HS-WEDM machines in production have been almost adopted with numerical system to control so far. This type of edm machines is mainly composed of the machine body, pulse power supply, numerical control system and working fluid circulation system. High speed cnc wire edm machine often uses diameter 0.18mm molybdenum wire as the electrode wires. The working electrode wire is about 200m length. So when we want to buy high quality molybdenum wire, how could we distinguish from thousands of electrode wires? The good molybdenum wire should have good tensile strength. TAGUTI created the cold-drawn molybdenum technology in the early 1991. So we can ensure the accuracy of wire diameter, exact wire length and high molybdenum wire tensile strength. Plz turn to our product column high speed machining to get TAGUTI molybdenum wire information in details.

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