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The Impact Of Different Electrode Wires On The Processing Cost

The impact of Different Electrode Wires on the Processing Cost

“Sharp tools make good work.” New equipment, new tools and new materials in the manufacturing industry are bringing better processing results and higher machining efficiency. At the same time, these means better economic benefits. The first batch of firms to benefit from the new materials and technologies in EDM industry are those who are familiar with the technical development trend and use of advanced technology companies in advance. This is exactly the same for wire cut electrical discharge machining industry. With the continuous development of wire cutting EDM technology and the pursuit of efficiency and quality, the new high-performance electrode wire must replace the brass wire and become the protagonist of the EDM market. Active use of high efficiency electrode wire will have a profound impact on the financial statements or competitiveness of wire cutting EDM machine users. Now let’s look at the following aspects of the relationship between the status of processing and processing costs:

1. Could the processing capacity of factory's existing equipment meet the demands of business growth? Does the EDM machining devices run 24 hours a day? Does the factory need regular outbound processing? Are these factories ready to purchase more new wire cut EDM machines?

On the occasion of adopting brass wire as electrode wires, the equipment with 24 hours operation can not meet the processing needs and have to rely on the outward machining. Then the cnc machining factories would consider adding more EDM machines which will also increase the processing cost of the factory. This kind of factory should try to change the more efficient electrode wire and this may help them relieve from the immediate machining demand without paying and investing too much money to buy new machines. In the case of the same sets of cnc wire cut EDM equipment, reducing the amount of outward processing can also bring the direct and obvious benefits.

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