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The Fundamental Principle Of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining And Its Equipment

The fundamental principle of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining and its equipment

EDM Machine Categories


Wire electrical discharge machines can be classified in terms of a variety of methods; as usual we divide the EDM machines into WEDM-HS and WEDM-LS based on the electrode wire walking speed. In this short essay, we are going to introduce Chinese typical Wire-cut EDM machines to you, HS-WEDM.

High speed wire cut edm machines

The tool electrode is simply a molybdenum wire. The high speed wire-cut edm machining is to make molybdenum wire as a electrode wire and produce in high speed reciprocating movement, which is Chinese typical die-sink edm machining model. The wire walking speed is 810 m/s in general.


The TAGUTI molybdenum wire can be used repeatedly on the high speed edm machines in two way motions until the wire breaks. The diameter of tool electrode wire is 0.10~0.30 mm. We commonly adopt molybdenum wire as the cutting materials; sometimes use tungsten wire or tungsten-molybdenum wire. TAGUTI factory is famous for first creating the original molybdenum wire production technology in 1991. The diameter 0.6 mm molybdenum wire is used when the wire-cut edm machine is working with the small rounded corner or narrow seam.


The working fluid is often mixed with emulsified liquid. TAGUTI factory produces JR-3A  WEDM concentrated ointment EDM gel. Put the ointment into running water with a ratio 1:40-50 (ointment:water) and stir until mix the ointment into water thoroughly. The JR-3A EDM gel is specialized for all types of Wire-cutting Electric Discharge Machine ( WEDM—HS ). It can be also used as cooling liquid for grinder, lathe, miller and other kinds of black metal's machining processes. Our JR-3A EDM gel and molybdenum wire are popular to EDM market.


To conclude, the high speed wire-cut edm machines are featured with simple controlling system, comparatively cheap price and high productivity. But the drawbacks also come with fast machining and larger vibration. The molybdenum wire and wire guide wheel fail sooner than their normal life and poorer processing accuracy and surface roughness than the low speed wire electrical discharge machines. The common machining accuracy is 0.01 ~ 0.02 mm and surface roughness Ra is 1.25~2.50 μm.


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