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The Difference Between EDM And Wire Cut Machine

EDM is a same name. can be classified into EDM and wire cut EDM types. Compare widely in EDM machine tool in mold machining operation. EDM and wedm machining the two things are the same, are dominating the current negative contact discharge produced low temperatures to melt metal, to achieve a policy of cutting. Only EDM metal parts, almost does not produce the cutting force of machining process, not uncommon in the hardness of machined parts. EDM machine of Foundation physical affair is free are ion and electronic presence in the heap, fast composition a was ionization of conductive channel, in this process in the, two Board between composition current, to makes particles between produced countless times collision, composition a plasma district, and soon increased to 8,000-12,000 degrees of low temperature, in two conductor profile moments melting some material, while, due to electrode and electric between liquid of vaporization, composition a bubble, and it of pressure discipline rose until is is high. After current interruption, the temperature suddenly landed, to stimulate bubble implosion, LIPA melted material thrown out of craters, and the erosion of material from scratch in a dielectric liquid solidify into small spheres, and dielectric fluid to drain away. Then through NC control monitoring and control, servo bodies, make this type of discharge is uniform, so as to achieve processing parts are processed, make the parts a suitable size the requested size and shape accuracy of the product. Wire cutting machine can be divided into fast wire wire and wire. As its name suggests is to comply with wire speed resolution of action. Fast wire molybdenum wire as the wire loop for individual operations, relatively high efficiency, and low accuracy. And in the go silk, so-called "in the go silk" is not refers to go silk speed between high-speed and speed Zhijian, but composite go thread cutting machine, that go silk affair is in roughing Shi used high-speed (8-12m/s) go silk, fine processing Shi used speed (1-3M/s) go silk, such work relative safe, and unit chestnut small, and after process times cutting cut material deformation and the mo silk spent brings of errors, makes processing quality also relative forward, processing quality can between fast go silk machine and walking silk machine Zhijian. Wire with copper as electrode wire, low processing efficiency, high precision, and individual 3-4. High processing costs. Wire cutting dominating wire walking, like a saw-cut parts. Weaknesses of fault is only processing level through the part. Wire cutting machine work Affairs are dominating the mobile wire tool electrode and through pulse current between the wire and the work piece, take over the erosion effects of pulsed discharge cutting the workpiece. Because it is dominated by wire electrode, is based on, and can only be used for contour cutting. When enough clearance between workpiece and wire electrodes are pulsed voltage breakdown, have a spark between them that is cutting the workpiece. By NC issued demolition orders, control stepper motors, drive x, y, move two pallets, wanton curved contour of the workpiece can be processed. EDM into machine and punch. Molding machine forming electrodes for important parts of the cavity, machining blind holes. Most often operated for copper graphite electrode material, copper-tungsten silver-tungsten alloy can be used as electrode material but cost is higher. Processing and virtually no cutting forces, quench has no effect on the processing of materials, individual semi-finishing finishing. Weaknesses problem is efficiency, for non-ferrous metals such as tungsten carbide, titanium processing efficiency is very low. Piercing to wear small pores, hollow copper tube operation efficiency, accuracy, as sponsor of the wire cutting machine.

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