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Taiwan Series For EDM Suppression Process Which Are The Main Factors

Taiwan Series for EDM suppression process which are the main factors
(1) the effect of powder performance
The powder is low, the oxygen content is high, the pressing performance is poor, and the reduction treatment of the raw material powder can be overcome; the single powder can be overcome by adding the lubricant powder or the molding agent. Of the fine particles or coarse particles of powder, as well as the shape of the powder to suppress the performance is not ideal, the use of mixed particle size and particle shape complex powder can improve the pressing performance.
(2) the impact of the pressing process
The higher the hardness, the greater the rigidity, the better the improvement and uniformity of the bulk density. The density of the billet pressed by the two-way pressing is higher than that of the unidirectional pressing, and the pressure is more uniform. Low, the longer the holding time, is conducive to improving the density of the body, for large size or shape of the abrasive is particularly important.
  Plastic Taiwan Series for EDM has formed a huge industrial chain In recent years, China's plastic Taiwan Series for EDM in the high-tech drive and pillar industry application requirements driven by the formation of a huge industrial chain, from the upstream raw and auxiliary materials industry and processing, testing Equipment to the downstream machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, electronic communications, building materials and other major application industries, plastic Taiwan Series for EDM of development of a vitality. At present, the application of plastic products increasingly widely for the plastic Taiwan Series for EDM provides a broad market, while the Taiwan Series for EDM also put forward higher requirements. Large-scale, high-precision, multi-functional composite Taiwan Series for EDM will be favored. At the same time, construction, home appliances, automotive and other industries on the demand for plastic are great.

China Taiwan Series for EDM of industrial regional characteristics are obvious, mainly as follows: the development of the southeast coastal areas faster than the central and western regions, the development of the South faster than the north. Taiwan Series for EDM production of the most concentrated areas in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta region, accounting for the national Taiwan Series for EDM of output value of 2/3 or more.

It is understood that in recent years, China Plastics Taiwan Series for EDM development speed is quite fast. At present, the plastic Taiwan Series for EDM in the entire Taiwan Series for EDM of industries accounted for about 30%. With the rapid development of China's automotive, home appliances, electronic communications and various building materials, it is expected that in the future Taiwan Series for EDM of markets, the proportion of Taiwan's EDM series of Taiwan's EDM series will gradually increase, and the pace of development will be faster than other Taiwan Series for EDM. To the automotive industry, for example, with the rapid growth of automobile production and sales, automotive Taiwan Series for EDM potential market is very large.

In the production of cars, all kinds of functional parts have to rely on Taiwan Series for EDM of molding, only to create a general car about 200 pieces of interior parts Taiwan Series for EDM, and manufacturing bumper, dashboard, fuel tank, steering wheel Need to large and medium-sized plastic Taiwan Series for EDM, from Taiwan Series for EDM of industry production capacity, the current rate of only about 50%. In the field of construction, plastic building materials, a large number of alternative traditional materials is the trend, is expected in 2010 the national plastic doors and windows and plastic pipe penetration rate will reach 30% to 50%, plastic drainage market share will exceed 50%, will greatly increase the Taiwan Series for EDM The demand. It should be said, plastic Taiwan Series for EDM of application potential is not underestimated. Experts predict that large, precision, well-designed injection molding Taiwan Series for EDM will be widely welcomed by the market.

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