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Taiwan Series For EDM Of CNC System Selection Principles

Taiwan Series for EDM of CNC system selection principles
CNC system is the core of Taiwan Series for EDM of operation of the brain, CNC function is divided into basic functions and selection functions. The basic function is bound to provide, and select the function only when the user selected these features, manufacturers will provide. To enable you to buy the most cost-effective Taiwan Series for EDM, Shandong Power Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. on the selection of CNC system to give the following recommendations:
Taiwan Series for EDM manufacturers said that the function of the CNC system must be based on the performance needs of the machine to choose, when ordering the need to set the function, can not be omitted, while avoiding the use of high waste caused by the need to pay attention to the function of the The relationship between. In the choice of CNC system, the performance level is very different. Should be selected according to need, not one-sided pursuit of high indicators, so as to avoid waste. More than the selection of machine tools, as much as possible use the same manufacturer's CNC system, so that operation, programming, maintenance can be more convenient. So that we can buy the most cost-effective Taiwan Series for EDM, Shandong Power Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. on the principle of selection of CNC system to give the following recommendations:
Taiwan Series for EDM of CNC system is Taiwan Series for EDM of hundred talk about the topic, a Taiwan Series for EDM of good performance depends on a large part of the performance of CNC system, so the CNC system in Taiwan Series for EDM status is almost no comparison , But also manufacturers and customers are very important parts. There are many brands of CNC system, each of the different brands of CNC systems are not the same. Domestic CNC system which are more well-known: Central China CNC system, Guangzhou CNC system, Kane Dili CNC system, as well as Taiwan's new generation of numerical control system and Po Yuan CNC system. And foreign well-known CNC system has a lot of domestic use of the most imported CNC system is Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fanuco three.
First of all, we talk about what is towline, towline is composed of low-voltage electrical system and lubrication piping system is an indispensable part. Its role is mainly on the Taiwan Series for EDM of cables and lubrication lines play a certain role in the traction and protection. Then Taiwan Series for EDM manufacturers in the assembly of Taiwan Series for EDM, the choice of the towline What are the requirements?
We know that the vertical Taiwan Series for EDM according to the different speed of fast, can be divided into high-speed and standard two, the general standard type of fast-moving speed of more than ten meters per minute; and high-speed type of fast-moving speed Twenty meters per minute or more, so it requires a higher use of the towline, not only requires the allocation of the towline to have enough tensile strength but also have enough toughness. In simple terms, follow these principles:
First, when the machine pipe pipe fittings size is greater than the support plate cavity aperture or to be often disassembly, maintenance, etc., should be used separately type of support plate;
Second, when the towline to carry a larger tube, cable load, should use high-strength support plate type - block type;
Third, when the installation of the specifications of the cable more varieties, the choice of frame support plate;
The performance of towline and towline cables plays a very important role in the Taiwan Series for EDM. We know that the conventional towline is made up of a section, and the larger the pitch is, the greater the noise and vibration generated when the towline is running at the same speed. Therefore, Taiwan Series for EDM manufacturers in the assembly of accessories to be rigorous control.
Taiwan Series for EDM of direct drive CNC turntable and the angle of the measurement system for the multi-faceted processing provides the ideal conditions. The standard feedrate is 0.0001 ° and the slew rate is 25r / min. Automatic adjustment of rotary axis acceleration based on workpiece quality can be provided as an option. The two advancing drives of the workpiece tray perfectly meet the dynamic requirements of the weight of the heavy pallet load and the adjustment relative to the movement. The workpiece tray size is up to 630x800mm2 and can be equipped with a quick connect unit capable of withstanding up to 240 bar clamping pressure. The maximum pallet load is 1,500 kg.

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