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Taiwan Series For EDM Cutting Options

Taiwan Series for EDM Cutting options
Today, Taiwan Series for EDM plays a very important role in many industries, such as the jewelry industry, watch industry and so on; and in CNC machining to choose the amount of cutting, the purpose is to ensure the quality of processing and tool durability under the premise , Give full play to machine performance and tool cutting performance, so that the highest cutting efficiency, the lowest processing costs. So how to choose it?
1, Taiwan Series for EDM Cutting depth ap: In the case of machine tools, workpiece and tool stiffness allowable, ap is equal to machining allowance, which is an effective measure to improve productivity. In order to ensure the accuracy of parts and surface roughness, the general should leave a margin for finishing. CNC machine tool finishing allowance can be slightly less than ordinary machine tools.
2, Taiwan Series for EDM cutting width ae: general ae and tool diameter d is proportional to, and inversely proportional to the depth of cutting. Economic numerical control processing, the general range of ae: ae = (0.6 ~ 0.9) Dc.
3, cutting speed Vc: Vc is also a measure to improve productivity, but Vc and tool durability is more closely related. With the increase in Vc, tool durability decreased sharply, so the choice of Vc depends mainly on tool durability. In addition, the cutting speed and processing materials also have a great relationship.
4, Taiwan Series for EDM Feed speed Vf: Vf should be selected according to the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements of the parts and the tool and workpiece material. The increase in Vf can also increase productivity. Vf can be chosen to be larger when the surface roughness requirements are low. During the Taiwan Series for EDM machining, Vf can also be manually adjusted via the trimming switch on the machine control panel, but the maximum feedrate is limited by the rigidity of the device and the performance of the feed system.
5, the spindle speed n (r / min): spindle speed is generally selected according to the cutting speed VC; formula: n = 1000VC / πD, where D is the workpiece or tool diameter (mm); CNC machine control panel The spindle speed override (magnification) switch is available, and the spindle speed can be adjusted in the entire range during the Taiwan Series for EDM machining.
The above is the Taiwan Series for EDM cutting the amount of choice, and only a reasonable choice of cutting the amount, in order to maximize the efficiency of Taiwan Series for EDM, so that the processing parts faster and more accurate.
In the life, our mobile phone handset, Tablet PC speaker hole, mobile phone keys and a variety of non-ferrous metal parts category, need to use Taiwan Series for EDM processing, it is a carving and milling machine development of a direction, the main features Is the speed, high precision, and the tool is an important factor in CNC machining process, not only affect the processing efficiency of machine tools, but also directly affect the quality of parts processing. How can Taiwan Series for EDM choose a tool?
1. Select the tool according to the cutting performance of the part material. Such as cars or milling high-strength steel, titanium alloy, stainless steel parts, it is recommended to choose a better wear resistance of the carbide tool.
2. Select the tool according to the machining stages of the Taiwan Series for EDM parts. That is, the roughing stage to remove the margin of the main, should choose a better rigidity, low precision tool, semi-finishing, finishing stage to ensure that the parts of the processing accuracy and product quality, should choose high durability, High roughness; if rough, finishing the same tool, it is recommended to use rough machining out of the tool after finishing, because the finishing tool wear out most of the blade wear and tear, the coating wear and repair, continue to use Affect the processing quality of finishing, but the impact of rough processing is small.
3. Select the tool and geometry according to the characteristics of the Taiwan Series for EDM processing area. In the case of the structure of the structure should be used in the case of large diameter, diameter ratio of small tools; cutting thin wall, ultra-thin wall parts of the center cutter end edge should have enough to the angle to reduce the cutting of cutting tools and cutting parts force. Processing aluminum, copper and other parts of the soft material should be selected slightly larger front angle of the end mill, the number of teeth should not exceed 4 teeth
4, the size of the tool and the workpiece surface size to adapt. Taiwan Series for EDM production, the peripheral parts of the contours of the processing, often using end mills; milling plane, should be selected carbide cutter cutter; processing of the boss, groove, the election high-speed steel end mill; Surface or rough processing hole, you can choose to set the carbide cutter blade of the corn cutter; for some three-dimensional profile and variable bevel contour contour processing, often using ball-end cutter, ring cutter, cone cutter and disk Milling cutter.

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