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Taiwan Series For EDM Center Electric Spindle Speed Can Reach How Much?

Taiwan Series for EDM center electric spindle speed can reach how much?
What is the Taiwan Series for EDM center, Taiwan Series for EDM center As the name suggests high-speed machining, processing speed is the conventional processing center 5-10 times the processing center known as the Taiwan Series for EDM center, this type of processing center is mainly focused on the processing efficiency and accuracy The Taiwan Series for EDM center is able to carry out high-speed machining depends on the spindle speed and three axes of the feed speed, today Xiaobian to introduce Taiwan's EDM series center spindle, Taiwan Series for EDM centers are generally used straight Spindle and spindle, which uses the electric spindle of Taiwan Series for EDM center up to. Next Xiaobian to introduce the rotation speed of the spindle.
High-speed spindle is the core component of Taiwan Series for EDM center. In the processing of mold free surfaces and complex contours, it is often used with 2 to 12 mm smaller diameter end mills, and when cutting electrodes for EDM for graphite or graphite materials, a high cutting speed is required. The spindle must have a high speed. At present, the machining center spindle speed mostly in the 18000 ~ 42000r / min, Switzerland Mikro Taiwan Series for EDM center XSM400U / XSM600U its spindle speed has reached 54000r / min. And for the mold of the fine milling (milling cutter diameter generally used 0.1 ~ 2mm), you need a higher speed. Such as Germany Kugler's five-axis high-precision milling machine, the maximum spindle speed of 160000r / min (with air bearings), such a high speed, when the use of 0.3mm diameter milling cutter steel mold, you can reach 150m / min Cutting speed.
Taiwan Series for EDM center regardless of the spindle speed is used in more than 12000r / min, the use of electric spindle Taiwan Series for EDM center speed at least 18000r / min or more, because the spindle used in the spindle will affect the speed, so the use of different The spindle speed of the bearing is different. General electric spindle bearings are used in three, namely, ceramic ball bearings, hydrostatic bearings and magnetic bearings of these three. The use of ceramic ball bearings of the spindle speed is generally between 18000-40000r / min; the use of magnetic bearing spindle speed of 100,000r / min; the use of air hydrostatic bearing spindle speed can reach 160000r / min; , The use of different bearings of the spindle speed is different.
Taiwan Series for EDM of continuous improvement of the work performance is the mold manufacturing industry to efficient and high-precision machining mold an important prerequisite. Driven by the driving technology, the emergence of structural innovation, excellent performance of many different types of Taiwan Series for EDM center. Cnc Taiwan Series for EDM center is one of them, then talk about cnc Taiwan Series for EDM center you know?
Cnc Taiwan Series for EDM center may appear on the outside with the traditional machine tool is not much difference. However, the structure and technology within the machine is very different, not just that the use of high-speed spindle is a high-speed milling so simple things. In fact, not only the spindle, the servo controller system for each part of the technology and design optimization and the basic mechanical system design of the strategic update is to create excellent high-speed milling an integral part.

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