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Selection Principle Of NC System For High Speed Machining Center

Selection Principle of NC System for High Speed Machining Center
CNC system is the core of High Speed Machining center operation, CNC function is divided into basic functions and selection function. The basic function is bound to provide, and select the function only when the user selected these features, manufacturers will provide. To enable you to buy the most cost-effective High Speed Machining center, Shandong Power Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. on the selection of CNC system to give the following recommendations:
Kane Di CNC system
Processing center manufacturers said that the function of the CNC system must be based on the performance needs of the machine to choose, when ordering the need to set the function of the whole, can not be missed, while avoiding the use of high waste caused by the need to pay attention to the function between The relevance of the. In the choice of CNC system, the performance level is very different. Should be selected according to need, not one-sided pursuit of high indicators, so as to avoid waste. More than the selection of machine tools, as much as possible use the same manufacturer's CNC system, so that operation, programming, maintenance can be more convenient.
High Speed Machining center of the CNC system is a lot of the center of the processing center, a large part of a good performance of the processing center is dependent on the performance of CNC systems, CNC system in the processing center of the status of almost no comparison, but also manufacturers And customers are very important parts. There are many brands of CNC system, each of the different brands of CNC systems are not the same. Domestic CNC system which is more well-known: Central China CNC system, Guangzhou CNC system, Kane Dili CNC system, as well as Taiwan's new generation of CNC system and Po Yuan CNC system. And foreign well-known CNC system has a lot of domestic use of the most imported CNC system is Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fanuco three.
Today to High Speed Machining center manufacturers visit the user asked: High Speed Machining center with High Speed Machining center with a hard track track, what is the difference between them in the end it should choose hard-track High Speed Machining center or rail High Speed Machining center? High-speed processing center manufacturers related personnel to answer questions to customers after the problem that can be more common, please Xiaobian finishing after uploading website for your reference:
Hard rail refers to the guide and the bed is one of the casting, and then on the basis of the processing of the guide rail, that is, the body cast the shape of the guide rail, and then through the quenching, grinding and processing into the guide rail, Not necessarily one, such as steel rails, is processed after the nail on the bed. Hard track High Speed Machining center is able to cast in the bed shape of the High Speed Machining center.
The line is usually the rolling guide, that is, the machine tool industry is often used in the linear module used in the kind, we usually call such components as "linear guide", like Japan's THK, Taiwan's tripod (AMT) Specializes in producing this. The linear guide itself is divided into two parts: slide rails and sliders. The slider has an inner circulation ball or roller, the length of the slide can be customized. It is a modular component, is a specialized manufacturer of standardized serialization of a separate product that can be installed on the machine, after wear can be removed and replaced. High Speed Machining center is a High Speed Machining center with a rolling guide (or linear guide).

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