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Selection Of Electrode Wire In Wire EDM Processing Machines

Selection of Electrode Wire in Wire EDM Processing Machines

Electro spark cutting EDM as a special precision machining technology has undergone rapid development in recent years. The slow speed wire cut electrical discharge machine has become the necessity tool for the mould manufacturing and metal cutting. The development of wire cut EDM machining technology can not be advanced without the simultaneous improvement of electrode cutting wires. The cutting efficiency and quality of wire EDM machines are closely related to the performance of electrode wires while the breakthrough of brass wires or zinc coated wires tends to lead to the innocation of wire cutting machines design. Since the zinc coated wires were invented in 1997, there are hundreds of electrode cutting wire. These wires have better performance than the ordinary brass wires. The right selection of brass wires has become the key point for the wire cut EDM machines to maximize the machining performance and create more benefit and profit for the operators of wire EDM machines.

Nowadays, the high cost performance of wires like zinc coated wires is gradually replacing brass wires which are greatly limited by the discharge performance especially in Europe, United States and Japan. At the same time, expect the Agie charmilles who use the zinc coated wires as the standard configuration of electrode wires, Mitsubishi and Sodick EDM machines are now adopting the latest model and processing parameters of zinc coated wires on the new wire cut EDM machines, so that the cutting speed has increased around 30% as when they use brass wires on the EDM machines.
However, a few years ago due to the high price of zinc coated wire when we imported electrode wires from European countries, almost full slow speed wire cut EDM machines use brass wire such as Japan, Taiwan and Chinese domestic EDM machines. Also Agie charmilles wire cut EDM machines use the cheaper brass wire instead of the zinc coated wires. This phenomenon caused many people to misunderstand the idea that electrode cutting wire is brass wire in this EDM field.

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