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Resulting In EDM Drilling Factors

Resulting in EDM Drilling factors
Today, EDM Drilling is becoming more and more popular. With the change of processing demand, the difficulty of machining the workpiece and the processing precision are getting higher and higher. The market is looking for a trend that is shifting from labor-intensive production to technology-intensive processing. EDM Drilling precision requirements for the original higher, in the EDM Drilling production experience is extremely rich. The factors that affect the accuracy of EDM Drilling are organized as follows:
First, the use of bearing error factors
After prolonged use of the machine, the bearing will appear due to natural wear and tear. When the bearing clearance is too large, the gap will produce thicker oil film, when the EDM Drilling processing, cutting force and speed will change, but the oil film bearing capacity is poor, the oil wedge thickness changes, the result is The spindle axis drift increases, thus undermining the maintenance of machine tool to maintain the accuracy. The same time as
Second, with the bearing with the parts of the impact of factors
After the EDM Drilling has been used for a long time, there will be an increase in bearing clearance as described above. At the same time with the bearing with the shaft diameter, the box support hole, shoulder, bearing end caps, nuts and other parts, but also due to machine tool force to produce some deformation. Eventually leading to the radial axis of the spindle rotation, axial drift, thus affecting the spindle rotation accuracy, resulting in reduced accuracy of machine tool processing to maintain.
Third, the spindle speed of the factors
We know that the EDM Drilling spindle speed is generally higher, but with the spindle speed continues to increase, especially when the rapid, a variety of random vibration and the rotation axis of the instability also increases, when beyond the spindle Fatigue resistance, resulting in irreversible increase in spindle rotation error, affecting the final machining accuracy of the machine. The same time as
In recent years, with the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, innovation in the machine tool industry also impacted the market of EDM Drilling. EDM Drilling rigs in the technical innovation, the most prominent in the spindle and spindle motor integration, which not only promote the development of the machine tool industry, but also improve the manufacturing processing industry. The parts processing industry into a new field. Has been in the EDM Drilling technology research and development on the unremitting efforts, which also learned as follows:
The so-called EDM Drilling spindle integration technology refers to:
    High-speed bearing technology: electric spindle is usually made of composite ceramic bearings, wear-resistant heat, life is several times the traditional bearing; sometimes using electromagnetic bearings or hydrostatic bearings, inner and outer ring does not touch, theoretically life-
High-speed motor technology: electric spindle is the product of the motor and the spindle fused together, the rotor of the motor is the rotating part of the spindle, theoretically the spindle can be regarded as a high-speed motor. The key technology is the dynamic balance at high speed;
EDM Drilling work performance, the requirements of the use of the lathe with the performance of the selection of precision stiffness, etc., require the type of processing center spindle conditions will be different. When the spark threading of the spindle fusion technology, greatly changing the spindle selection model of the embarrassing situation. EDM Drilling Diamond purchase is very important to manufacturers, if you need to buy to rest assured that the product, to check the order.

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