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Reasons For Failure Of Alarm System In EDM Drilling Center

Reasons for Failure of Alarm System in EDM Drilling Center
EDM Drilling center in the use of the process, there will always be more or less fault problems. The Now the production of EDM Drilling center are equipped with a fault alarm system, but sometimes, in the process of EDM Drilling failure will not alarm the phenomenon. In the end is what will lead to failure does not alarm?
1, EDM Drilling center of the electrical system in the zero return method is not correct, back to zero can not ensure common, the fault is usually less error. In addition to the usual slowdown due to the formation of slowdown switch, the zero return time is too short will make the zero violation.
2, EDM Drilling center because the screw and the motor coupling layout of the onset of the frequency and the possibility of different, and thus the phenomenon after the phenomenon is not the same. Some scales will only be added to the negative direction, but some positive and negative direction of the possibility of change will occur. But in general, the middle of the middle of the EDM Drilling coupling is basically a negative addition, and the middle of the use of key to connect the two problems will occur.
3, EDM Drilling center of the NC system is relatively simple, the system is not set to detect the error, so the EDM Drilling center when there is no alarm can be displayed. The error conditions presented in the EDM Drilling center are not within the range of design guessing and are therefore undetectable when errors are present, since most CNC EDM Drilling centers use semi-closed systems and therefore can not detect spark Drilling the actual orientation of the machining center.
Using this EDM Drilling center, the sound of the alarm system will affect the safety of the entire production and the accuracy of the product. If the alarm system is broken, no one is concerned to deal with, then in case the EDM Drilling production, problems, will cause unimaginable losses to the enterprise. Shandong Power Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. on the EDM Drilling production and sales center has a wealth of experience, manufacturers to remind the majority of users need to pay attention to five things:
1, before the operation, wear the labor insurance products, according to the requirements of lubrication maintenance, check the oil level of each lubricant.
2, when the workpiece should be easy to clean, to prevent bruises, crashed work countertops; when the workpiece is heavy, it should also verify the carrying capacity of the machine table, not overload operation.
3, after the start of the machine, check the spindle, the direction of the movement of the table is normal, whether the abnormal noise and so on.
4, EDM Drilling processing procedures should be checked before they can run, the use of high-speed function to confirm the tool to match.
5, EDM Drilling process should always pay attention to the movement of the machine and EDM Drilling processing status is normal, encountered abnormal phenomenon. Noise and alarm, you should immediately stop the inspection process, troubleshooting before you can continue to EDM Drilling processing.
EDM Drilling processing center manufacturers five suggestions, hope that users can adopt, so that your production safety and efficiency of the enterprise helpful.

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