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More EDM More Features Of Spark

More EDM More spark features are a process that primarily uses a discharge electrode (EDM electrode) with a specific geometry to burn the geometry of the electrode on a metal (conductive) component. EDM process is often used in the production of punching die and mold.

  The use of spark discharge generated when the corrosion of the material size of the method of processing, called EDM. EDM is sparked in a liquid medium in a lower voltage range. EDM is mainly done by the machinery factory.

  EDM is a self-excited discharge, its characteristics are as follows: spark discharge between the two electrodes in the discharge before a higher voltage, when the two electrodes close, during which the media was breakdown, then the spark discharge. With the breakdown process, the resistance between the two electrodes drastically smaller, the voltage between the two poles also sharply lower. The spark channel must be extinguished in time for a short period of time (usually 10-7-10-3s) to keep the "cold pole" of the spark discharge (ie, the energy of the channel energy conversion is too late to reach the depth of the electrode) Channel energy acts on a very small range. The role of channel energy, the electrode can be partially corroded.

  EDM is non-contact processing

  Tool electrode and the workpiece is not directly between the contact, but there is a spark discharge gap, the gap is generally between 0.05 ~ 0.3mm, and sometimes may reach 0.5mm or more, the gap filled with working fluid, processing through high pressure Pulse discharge, the workpiece discharge corrosion.

  Can be "to soft grams just"

  More EDM As the EDM direct use of electrical energy and thermal energy to remove metal materials, and the workpiece material strength and hardness and other little relationship, so you can use soft tool electrode processing hard workpieces, to achieve "to soft grams just."

  Any refractory metal material and conductive material can be machined

  As the removal of materials in the processing is achieved by the electrical and thermal effects of the discharge, the workability of the material depends mainly on the electrical and thermal properties of the material, such as melting point, boiling point, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, resistivity, And its mechanical properties (hardness, strength, etc.) has nothing to do. This can break through the traditional cutting of the restrictions on the tool can be achieved with a soft tool to work hard, tough workpieces can even process polycrystalline diamond line, cubic boron nitride class of superhard materials.

  You can process complex shapes on the surface

  Since the shape of the tool electrode can be simply copied to the workpiece, it is particularly suitable for the processing of complex surface shape workpieces such as complex cavity mold processing. In particular, the use of numerical control technology, making the use of simple electrode processing complex shape parts become a reality.

  Special parts can be machined

  More EDM Can be processed thin-walled, elastic, low stiffness, fine holes, shaped holes, deep holes and other special requirements of the parts can also be processed on the mold small text. As the tool electrode and the workpiece is not in direct contact, there is no machined cutting force, it is suitable for processing low-rigidity workpiece and micro-processing.

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