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Matters Needing Attention When The EDM Drilling Is Selected

Matters needing attention when the EDM Drilling is selected

In the case of the electric EDM Drilling we need to consider these aspects in addition to the price factor of the EDM Drilling.

Selection criteria for industrial acidity

Online edm drill is also called industrial acidity meter, it is a kind of high precision of the ph meter, edm drilling acidity meter to pay special attention to choose and buy, a suitable ph ph meter can prolong the service life of edm drill, user before ordering, please be sure to confirm the following parameters:

1. Test medium (including the composition, concentration and turbidity of media)

2. Test medium temperature and pressure

3. Probe installation mode

4. Length of the probe signal line (10 megabytes of standard)

5. Surface use environment


Purchase of electric EDM Drilling/industrial EDM Drilling/online EDM Drilling/acid meter/online acidity meter/industrial acidity meter precautions:

1. Whether the medium contains corrosive substances, the concentration is how much, (strong acid strong alkali needs to use special probe), attention: if contain hydrofluoric acid to need to use special anti-hf probe.

2. The medium temperature and pressure, general conditions choose the probe within 0-80 ℃, such as high temperature must choose high temperature probe. Pressure normal pressure is 0.6mpa, such as high pressure to select the high pressure probe.

3. Probe installation method: submerged installation, side wall installation, pipe installation, flange installation, floating installation, circulation installation.

4. The distance between the probe sensor (electrode) and the PH display meter is within 30 meters, and the standard is 10m. For example, the signal amplifier or secondary instrument need to be configured for more than 30 meters.

Edm drilling are mainly used for precision measuring liquid medium ph value, deserve to go up the corresponding ion selective electrodes can also be measured ion electrode potential MV values, edm drill is widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research, pharmaceutical, fermentation and chemical industry, aquaculture, water, etc. This instrument is also a necessary inspection equipment in the QS and HACCP certification of food factory and drinking water factory.

The principle of electric EDM Drilling is: what is pH? PH is the Latin word for "Pondus hydrogenii" (Pondus = pressure, pressure hydrogenium = hydrogen), which measures the activity of hydrogen ions in the material. This activity is directly related to the acidity, neutrality and alkalinity of aqueous solution. The water is chemically neutral, but not without ions, even if the chemical pure water has a trace of dissociation: strictly speaking, the hydrogen nucleus is not in a free state before the hydration of water molecules. According to the needs of production and life, scientific research has produced many models of acidity: the measurement accuracy can be divided into 0.2, 0.1, 0.01 or higher.

Our first contact with an electric EDM Drilling was in junior high, but we were exposed to a EDM Drilling to test the acid alkalinity of a liquid. We will according to the teacher give a color table corresponding to the color of the liquid after contact with the test paper, through the color we can know this is acidic or alkaline.

Today, the electronic EDM Drilling is introduced, and the precision is higher. Measurement of EDM Drilling: an instrument that is calibrated by the shenzhen electric EDM Drilling can be used to determine the pH value of the sample. The thermostat, the positioning regulator and the slope regulator can't move any more. Cleaning electrode with distilled water, using filter paper blot electrode ball after, put the electrodes in containing the samples to be measured in a beaker, gently shake a beaker, after being stable readings, it shows that measured the pH of the sample.

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