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Maintenance Of High Speed Machining

Maintenance of High Speed Machining
High-speed processing is the focus of the enterprise, the key equipment, to play high-speed processing of high efficiency, only the correct operation and sticky maintenance, Diao can ensure its speed. The correct operation to prevent the machine to prevent abnormal 0 loss, to avoid sudden failure: careful maintenance can maintain a good technical state of the machine, delay the process of deterioration, timely detection and elimination of hidden trouble in order to ensure safe operation. Therefore, the correct use of high-speed processing and careful maintenance, is the implementation of prevention-oriented equipment maintenance management policy an important part.
High-speed processing of high productivity, precision machining parts, product quality and stability, but also to complete a lot of ordinary machine is difficult to complete or root can not be processed complex surface parts processing. However, the high-speed processing of the entire process is composed of large electronic components of the numerical control system in accordance with the digital program to complete the process in the middle of the NC system or the implementation of parts due to failure caused by the workpiece scrap or security incidents, the general situation, the operator is powerless of. Therefore, for high-speed machining work stability, reliability requirements of the most important.
High-speed processing should be operating procedures
The operating procedure is an important measure to ensure the safe operation of high-speed machining. The operator must operate according to the operating procedures. Machine failure, the operator should pay attention to keep the scene, and to the maintenance staff to truthfully explain the situation before and after the failure to facilitate analysis, diagnosis of the reasons for failure, timely troubleshooting, reduce downtime.
High-speed processing should not be long-term storage
After the purchase of high-speed processing to be fully utilized, as far as possible to improve the utilization of machine tools, especially in the first year of use, but also to make full use of its vulnerable to the weak links exposed as soon as possible, the risk of failure as much as possible during the warranty period To be excluded. With high-speed processing reluctant to use, this is not the care of the equipment, but will be due to damp and other reasons to speed up the deterioration of electronic components or damage. If the factory did not produce the task, high-speed processing for a long time when not in use, but also regular power, can not be long-term storage, it is best to 1-2 times a week power, insult about 1 hour to use the machine itself Heat to reduce the humidity inside the machine, so that electronic components will not be damp. But also can be found in time whether the battery alarm occurred to prevent the loss of system software parameters.

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