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How To Cope With Accidental Faults Of Edm Filter?

How to cope with accidental faults of edm filter?

How can we cope with the wire cut edm filter when an accidental fault occurs? The following measures will be much useful for operators to take during the edm filter failure.


During the machining process of wire electrical discharge machining, the operator can adjust the flow rate of working fluid and make electrode wire covered with working fluid at any time, to achieve the stable cutting situation. Next step, we can change the parameters of WEDM at any moment to improve the cutting efficiency of wire cut edm filter on condition that we may maintain the dimensional accuracy and surface finish roughness. Besides, when there is something wrong with the wire cut edm filter, the controlling system will automatically issue a revert-back command and start to the movement that will go back along the original cutting route until it is out of the short circuit and re-enter the normal machining process of EDM.


Here TAGUTI has some warm tips for you to cope with the WEDM. When the edm filter in the cutting process has some fault or hitches, the controllling system should immediately stop the electrode wire and working fluid running. At this time the controling sends out two instructions for dealind methods. First, return to the starting point of cutting and reinstall the electrode wire like brass wire. Then the operate can choose the reverse cutting. Second, thread the electrode wire in the position of wire breaking and continue the machining. In the skip machining process, thread the wire and pay attention to the electrode wire if it is in the middle of guide wheel. Otherwise, it will make the circuit open and cause some unnecessary troubles.


TAGUTI produces edm filters based on the practical machining operation in a large amount of wire cut electrical discharge machines. So we deeply understand the kind of edm filters that edm machines really need and promote the productions. TAGUTI is committed to producing high quality and high cost-performance edm consumables for all market in EDM industry. We promise to develop Chinese EDM market to a high level.

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