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How To Choose A Right Wire EDM Filter?

The application principle of wire EDM filter

What is the working principle of wire-cut EDM filter in low speed wire cut electrical discharge machines? I am sure you will say of course, the function is filtering and purification; if you have to say so, then you are not a professional person in the field of wire cut EDM industry. Wire EDM filter is also known as decontamination of WEDM, and EDM filter valves of low speed wire cut edm machines, etc.EDM filter is the indispensable device for transmission of industrial pure water and industrial oil pipeline system (the professionals name the industrial pure water and industrial oil “media”). The role of wire edm filter is to filter the mechanical impurities of the filtering media, such as rust, sand, a small amount of liquid particles, to protect the EDM consumables from wear and tear and block. Besides, EDM filter helps maintain the normal working of the edm machines. When the industrial oil is injected into a filter cartridge with a certain size, the impurities inside the oil will be blocked usefully by the edm filter. The clean industrial water will be discharged from the outlet of the EDM filter cartridge, to achieve the cleaning effect; There are four basic types of wire EDM filters: large water nozzle, medium water nozzle, small nozzle and medium-small water nozzle and other different types of filters. No matter what the specification type of the wire EDM filter, the working principle is the same in various filter cartridge. Please keep the wire EDM filter in good maintenance, it can help you effectively save the cost and increase productivity!


Then how to choose a right wire EDM filter? As we all know, the shape of WEDM filter is presented as a "tube" state. The edm filter type is round tube and its principle is pressure filtration. The effective filter area is up to 13.3 square meters and this can precisely filtrate tiny impurity objects. The principle of wire EDM filter is "the pressurized filter". What is pressure filtration? (One end of the wire cut EDM machine is connected to the mechanical inlet and the other end is connected to the drain in the lower part of the EDM machine, forming a closed loop. This method can fully achieve the purpose of cleaning by using the circulation pressure of the machine itself. Through the mechanical pressure, EDM filter can discharge scale deposit and impurities completely.) EDM filter paper of wire electrical discharge machine is fibrous material in the fan-shape and is unfolded beautifully. Dimensions of EDM filter are: 340 * 46 * 300mm. The shape material of wire EDM filter cartridge is the use of rust-proof metal mesh, which is featured with durable metal and 50% more than the average filter volume.

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