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How Should The Taiwan Series For EDM Be Cleaned And Maintained After Use

How should the Taiwan Series for EDM be cleaned and maintained after use

Series Taiwan EDM can test a variety of solution, the chemical composition of the solution is different, in order to increase the service life of the Taiwan Series for EDM, how should we according to different solution for different cleaning, and everyday how should maintain?

How to wash

1. General sewage: 3% ~ 5% of hydrochloric acid and water flushing (< 689.476 kPa).

2. Oil or fat: isopropyl ethanol (wear-resistant ethanol), methanol, other solutions that can remove special fat.

3. Taiwan Series for EDM working under alkaline conditions: W = 5% ~ 10% hydrochloric acid solution, W = 3% ~ 7% sulfuric acid; Concentrated hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid solution.

4, work under acid condition of Taiwan Series for EDM: W = 5% ~ 10% hot alkaline solution (56 ℃ >); W = 5% ~ 10% of hydrochloric acid; W = 2% ~ 3% hydrofluoric acid.

5. Sulfate and carbonate: W = 5% ~ 10% hydrochloric acid; Concentrated hydrochloric acid solution with phosphoric acid; A mixture of sodium sulfite and sodium disulfite.

6. Silica or viscous substance: W = 2% ~ % hydrofluoric acid.

Protein pollution (diaphragm yellowing) : treatment with 9891 cleaning fluid

Daily maintenance

The electrode should be kept in the proper liquid when not in use. The electrode cannot be dry for long time and can not store the electrode when the surface is attached to the drying medium. The dry electrode should be activated in the appropriate storage solution before it can be used. The electrodes should not be kept in distilled water. The electrolyte and protection pressure should be added.

The service life of EDM series is closely related to the measurement environment. The high temperature or the chemical properties of the sample will greatly shorten the electrode life. Shenzhen ismail meter EDM series specializing in the production of Taiwan, we provide one-stop services, sales and maintenance according to our experience tell users how to increase to a great extent Taiwan Series for EDM the trial of life.

The importance of the EDM series of Taiwan is believed to be clear that if the EDM series of Taiwan measures errors, then the subsequent work is equal to white. Therefore, choosing a qualified Taiwan Series for EDM is a difficult problem for many customers. The question that shenzhen isda should pay attention to when choosing

1. Through the authentication of ISO9001, only verification is the biggest guarantee.

2. First-class supplier of after-sales service, preferably in Taiwan Series for EDM industry.

3. Be sure to tell the sales person the solution you want to measure, and ask the salesperson to recommend the appropriate EDM series.

The Taiwan Series for EDM is on the one hand, while maintenance and maintenance are also important. Only two aspects are done to measure the exact solution value.

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