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How Fast And Good For Cutting Wire

"The wire" as the name suggests is to put on the wire through the wire frame wheel, conduction block, workpiece wire holes, wire preparation. How kind of dominating the French example is it?

1. crank rotation wire storage tube, storage tube on one end of the wire and the Guide pulley alignment.

2. remove the reservoir tube in response to the whole head, but left behind wire.

3. wire from wire guide rollers and wear conductive block afterwards, still fixed on the storage cylinder head screws. Cut off excess wire head and crank reserve wire tube anti-shake a few laps.


A. to mount the electrode wire guide pulley grooves and conductive contact and brilliant. And to prevent the electrode wire into the stator or conductive block next to the cracks.

B. dominate the process, along the winding approach to the subject of taut wire, prevent flue caused by electrode wire loose.

C. crank must be removed immediately after the operation, to prevent domination to crank out, resulting in physical danger, or equipment damage.

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