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High Speed Machining Technology

High Speed Machining High-speed cutting technology, high-speed machining as a mold manufacturing the most important an advanced manufacturing technology, is set high efficiency, high quality, low consumption in an advanced manufacturing technology. In the conventional cutting of the troubled series of problems, through high-speed machining applications have been resolved.

  Its cutting speed, feed speed relative to the traditional cutting, to increase the number of stages, cutting mechanism has also undergone a fundamental change. Compared with the traditional cutting, high-speed machining has undergone a substantial leap, its unit power metal removal rate increased by 30% to 40%, [1] cutting force reduced by 30%, cutting tool life increased by 70% , Leaving the workpiece in the cutting heat greatly reduced, low-level cutting vibration almost disappeared.

  High Speed Machining With the increase of cutting speed, the removal rate of blank material per unit time is increased, the cutting time is reduced and the processing efficiency is improved, thus shortening the manufacturing cycle of the product and improving the market competitiveness of the product. At the same time, a small amount of high-speed cutting fast cutting force to reduce the cutting force, chip high-speed elimination, reducing the workpiece cutting force and thermal stress deformation, improve the rigidity and thin-walled parts cutting the possibility of processing. As the cutting force decreases, the speed of the cutting system to keep the operating frequency away from the machine's low-order natural frequency, and the workpiece surface roughness is the most sensitive to low-order frequency, thereby reducing the surface roughness.

  High Speed Machining In the process of high hardened steel (hrc45 ~ 65) in the mold, high-speed cutting can replace the process of electric machining and grinding and polishing, avoiding the electrode manufacturing and time-consuming electrical processing time, greatly reducing the fitter's Polished and polished. Some of the more and more thin-walled mold parts on the market, high-speed milling can be successfully completed. And in the high-speed milling cnc machining center, the mold can be completed once a multi-step processing. These advantages in the fast turnaround requirements, delivery time is urgent, the product is highly competitive mold and other industries is very appropriate.

  High-speed machining system is mainly composed of high-speed machining center which can meet high-speed cutting, high-performance tool clamping system, high-speed cutting tool, safe and reliable high-speed cutting cam software system and so on. Therefore, high-speed machining is a large system engineering. With the cutting tool technology, high-speed processing can be applied to the processing of alloy steel (hrc> 30), widely used in automotive and electronic components in the stamping die, injection molds and other parts of the processing. The definition of high speed machining depends on the type of workpiece material being machined. For example, high-speed machining of alloy steel cutting speed of 500m / min, and this speed in the processing of aluminum alloy for the conventional use of the milling speed.

  High Speed Machining With the application of high-speed machining to expand the scope of the new tool material research, tool design structure improvement, CNC tool path new strategy and the improvement of cutting conditions also improved. Moreover, the computer-aided simulation of the cutting process has also emerged, this technology to predict tool temperature, stress, extend tool life is very meaningful. Casting, die, hot stamping and injection mold processing applications represent cast iron, cast steel and alloy steel high-speed cutting applications to expand. Industry-leading countries in the mold and mold manufacturing, the development of most of the time spent in the machining and polishing process. Machining and polishing of dies or molds account for about 2/3 of the overall processing cost, while high speed milling can be used to shorten the development cycle and reduce processing costs.

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