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High Speed Machining Manufacturers On The Selection Of Towline Requirements

High Speed Machining manufacturers on the selection of towline requirements
First of all, we talk about what is towline, towline is a low-voltage electrical system and lubrication piping system is an indispensable part. Its role is mainly on the High Speed Machining on the cable and lubrication pipeline to a certain degree of traction and protection. Then the High Speed Machining manufacturers in the assembly of High Speed Machining, the choice of the towline What are the requirements?
We know that the vertical High Speed Machining according to the different speed of fast, can be divided into high-speed and standard two, the general standard type of fast-moving speed of more than ten meters per minute; and high-speed model speed Twenty meters per minute or more, so it requires a higher use of the towline, not only requires the allocation of the towline to have enough tensile strength but also have enough toughness. In simple terms, follow these principles:
First, when the machine pipe cable pipe fittings size is greater than the support plate cavity aperture or to be often disassembly, maintenance, etc., should be used separately type of support plate;
Second, when the towline to carry a larger tube, cable load, should use high-strength support plate type - block type;
Third, when the installation of the specifications of the cable more varieties, the choice of frame support plate;
The performance of towline and towline cables plays a very important role in High Speed Machining. We know that the conventional towline is made up of a section, the greater the usual pitch, the same speed in the case, the towline running the greater the noise and vibration. Therefore, High Speed Machining manufacturers in the assembly of accessories to be rigorous control.
We know that the complex surface of the workpiece in the traditional machine is difficult or can not complete the processing, high precision High Speed Machining is equipped with CNC CNC system, servo control system and other high-precision control system, making the machine under the control of the control system, The feed system can do three-axis or multi-axis linkage action, which gives the machine with complex surface artifacts and profiled contours of the high precision and efficient processing capacity.
What about the complex surface parts of the High Speed Machining process? Complex surface type parts mainly refers to the complex curve, the surface composition, its complex shape, demanding high precision parts, these parts are generally appear in the military, aviation, aerospace, scientific research, precision machinery and other industries, such as aircraft turbines Engine blades, marine propeller, large diesel engine crankshaft, guide wheel, cam, etc. These are complex surface parts. The following pictures are parts of a complex surface type.
In simple terms, the general steps for processing surfaces on high precision High Speed Maching are: first modeling in CAD software, drawing a three-dimensional map of the surface, then analyzing the machining process according to the part, then programming automatically through CAM software, and finally using High Speed Machining.
Spindle is an important component of High Speed Machining, also known as the spindle, the spindle is actually a set of components, which includes the spindle itself and its accessories: electric spindle, high frequency inverter, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, Built-in encoder, tool changer and so on. This set of components in the High Speed Machining plays a pivotal role, once the problem will seriously affect the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the daily use of the process to pay special attention to High Speed Machining spindle maintenance issues.
Spindle components are important parts that affect the accuracy of High Speed Machining. The slewing accuracy affects the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Its power and rotation speed affect the machining efficiency. Its automatic speed change, quasi-stop and tool change affect the whole High Speed Machining the degree of automation, therefore, strict requirements of the spindle components with the work performance of the machine to adapt to the high rotation accuracy, stiffness, shock resistance, wear resistance and low temperature rise. In the structure, must be very good to solve the tool and workpiece clamping, bearing configuration, bearing clearance adjustment and lubrication seal and other issues.

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