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High Speed Machining Center By Quality To Speak, Win The Price War

High Speed Machining center by quality to speak, win the price war
In recent years, the processing center manufacturing industry, especially the high-speed processing center industry, some small enterprises "closed down", "shut down", "bankruptcy", "arrears", "performance decline", "loss" and other news. Due to the serious overcapacity of domestic production, many companies either do not business, or rely on low profits to survive.
The long run of the "sub-health" mode of operation to become a fatal manufacturing center manufacturers, some small and medium enterprises were dragged out to become the inevitable result. However, in addition to the external environment, the inherent vicious competition is also engulfed the High Speed Machining center industry good scene. In order to maintain the customer, to ensure that business can do, some companies at the "capital preservation" posture sales, increased the risk of more small and medium-sized plant closure. "Price is low business people have to do!" Now it seems more than "down the tide" is more terrible "low price competition."
In the buying and selling market, buy things Well, of course, to pick cheap to buy, but the key issue is that customers can not identify the product quality of the case, the seller without the bottom line of business, and ultimately disrupted the market, there starved to death Peer, exhausted themselves, pit dead business errors.
For the production of High Speed Machining center manufacturers, in fact, in the price war game, companies can rely on mining their own advantages, to obtain more benefits. - Speak by product, win the price war!
Users in the purchase of large tonnage of the machine will consider the product quality, price and other factors. Such as High Speed Machining center such a large machine, purchase more need to carefully consider whether it is particularly important to choose the right or not. In this regard more experienced, here for you to analyze the purchase of High Speed Machining center need to consider the three factors:
1, first consider the High Speed Machining center processing accuracy
The purpose of the purchase of High Speed Machining center is to produce high-precision, high-quality products. Machine mechanic precision will directly affect the quality of the product. So as to buy high-speed processing center of the necessary factors. Also note that the so-called machining accuracy is the sum of errors caused by various factors of the entire process system, including the tolerances of the machine itself. In the selection, you can refer to the process capability kp assessment method as the basis for the selection of precision. In general, the result should be greater than 1.33.
2, High Speed Machining center stiffness requirements
High Speed Machining center stiffness requirements will directly affect the production efficiency, and machine tool processing accuracy. High Speed Machining center processing speed is relatively fast, the motor power is relatively high configuration. Users in the order, according to the process requirements, allow the torque, power, axial force and the maximum force, according to the relevant parameters to verify the verification.
3, High Speed Machining center CNC system selection criteria
The CNC system is called the brain of a High Speed Machining center and controls the operation of the entire machine. Manufacturers choose to choose the CNC system, the performance level is very different. Should be selected according to need, can not blindly pursue high indicators, so as to avoid waste.
High Speed Machining center processing efficiency is high? In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of cutting tools, drive, control and machine tools, high-speed processing and efficient processing, especially high-speed hard milling has been widely used in mold manufacturing and promotion, the traditional EDM Many occasions have been replaced by high-speed hard milling. It is not only greatly improved the machining precision and surface quality of the mold by high-speed hard milling, but also greatly reduces the processing time and simplifies the production process, thus greatly reducing the mold manufacturing Cycle, reducing the mold production costs.
High Speed Machining center continuously improve the performance of the mold manufacturing industry is efficient and high-precision machining mold an important prerequisite. Driven by the drive technology, the emergence of structural innovation, excellent performance of many different types of High Speed Machining center. In the late 1990s, the three-axis High Speed Machining center has been developed to the five-axis High Speed Machining center.

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