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High Speed Machining Center By Quality Speak, Win The Price War

High Speed Machining center by quality speak, win the price war
In recent years, the processing center manufacturing industry, especially the high-speed processing center industry, some small business "closed down", "shut down", "bankruptcy", "arrears", "performance decline", "loss" and other news. Due to the serious overcapacity of domestic production, many companies either do not business, or rely on low profits to survive to survive.
The long run of the "sub-health" mode of operation to become a fatal manufacturing center manufacturers, some small and medium enterprises were dragged out to become the inevitable result. However, in addition to the external environment, the inherent vicious competition is also engulfed the High Speed Machining center industry good scene. In order to maintain the customer, to ensure that business can do, some companies at the "capital preservation" posture sales, increased the risk of more small and medium-sized plant closure. "What is the price of the business?" Now it seems more than "down the tide" is more terrible "low price competition."
In the buying and selling market, buy things Well, of course, to buy cheap to buy, but the key issue is that customers can not identify the quality of the product under the circumstances, the seller without the bottom line of business, and ultimately disrupted the market, there starved to death Peers, exhausted themselves, pit dead business errors.
For the production of High Speed Machining center manufacturers, in fact, in the price war game, companies can rely on mining their own advantages, to obtain more benefits. - Speak by product, win the price war!
Knife library is a High Speed Machining center of the necessary configuration tools, processing center knife library type, used in different machine tool on the knife vary widely, then the High Speed Machining center with what kind of knife, this knife about how much money?
In general, the High Speed Machining center of the knife-and-arm magazine and ordinary CNC machining center knife and arm knife knife, but the general capacity will be smaller. The same type of knife can be said to be the latest type of magazine, the same tool changer tool changer faster than the knife-and-arm magazine, the general tool change time only about one second, the same reactor capacity 21 knives, but the High Speed Machining center which rarely use 21 knife with the same type of knife library, and the same as the knife-and-arm knife 16 knife. Simultaneous use of the knife than the knife-type knife library expensive tens of thousands.
 We know that the complex surface of the workpiece in the traditional machine is difficult or can not complete the processing, High Speed Machining center equipped with CNC system, servo control system and other high-precision control system and control system, making the machine under the control of the control system, To the system can do three-axis or multi-axis linkage action, which gives the machine with complex surface artifacts and profiled contours of high precision and efficient processing capacity.
What are the complex surface parts of the High Speed Machining center? Complex surface type parts mainly refers to the complex curve, the surface composition, its complex shape, demanding high precision parts, these parts are generally appear in the military, aviation, aerospace, scientific research, precision machinery and other industries, such as aircraft turbines Engine blades, marine propellers, large diesel engine crankshafts, guide wheels, cams, etc. These are complex surface parts. The following pictures are parts of a complex surface type.
In simple terms, the general steps of machining a surface on a High Speed Machining center are: first model in CAD software, draw a three-dimensional map of the surface, then analyze the machining process according to the part, then automatically program it through CAM software, and finally use CNC machining center Processing.

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