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EDM Drilling Use Should Pay Attention To The Problem

EDM Drilling use should pay attention to the problem
1. EDM Drillinging Environment: For spark drills it is best to place it in a constant temperature environment and from vibrating equipment (such as presses) and equipment with electromagnetic interference.
2. Power requirements
3. EDM Drilling should have operating procedures: regular maintenance, maintenance, failure to pay attention to record the protection of the scene and so on.
4. EDM Drilling should not be long-term storage, long-term will lead to storage system failure, data loss.
5. Attention to training and equipped with operators, maintenance personnel and programmers
The principle of determining the measurement period is to advance the equipment to deteriorate the courier, according to the different diagnostic objects and different monitoring points to determine the location of the test cycle, including regular inspection, that is, at regular intervals to detect the equipment once, the specific number of days Different objects to determine, random check, that is, in addition to maintenance personnel from time to time detection, the equipment operator should also carry out routine testing equipment, found abnormal situation immediately reported maintenance personnel to track and record, and record, continuous detection, for some large The key machinery and equipment should be equipped with continuous detection equipment, once per hour, or once a class detection.
EDM CNC system after running for some time, it will inevitably be some failure, better maintenance of the NC system failure rate is relatively low. The system in the course of the operation of some abnormal phenomenon, should be timely maintenance and repair, such as the lower level of the alarm, although the system does not affect the temporary operation. But if not timely maintenance and exclusion, it may cause a big accident. For example, the quality of the power grid is poor and the voltage fluctuates greatly. If this phenomenon is not taken into account, the numerical control system will run in the harsh power supply environment for a long time, and the serious consequences of the millions of main modules will burn.
Do preventive maintenance work is an important part of the use of good spark drills, CNC maintenance personnel, operators and managers should do a good job of this work.
EDM is a computer numerical control machine (Computer numerical control machine tools) for short, is a program control system with automatic machine tools. The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode it, digitally represented by code, and input to the numerical control device through the information carrier. Through the arithmetic processing by the numerical control device issued a variety of control signals, control machine action, according to the drawings of the shape and size, automatically the parts processed out.

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