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EDM Drilling Note The Use Of Points

EDM Drilling Note the use of points
 EDM Drilling has the characterization and the reliability to meet the convenience and the safety of the customer in the process. The speed of the machine is used to improve the injection speed, which makes the machine cycle fast, high production efficiency and high cost. For EDM What are the points that Drilling should pay attention to?
1, die need to undergo a rigorous testing and shape inspection, to no cracks, deformation, missing edge, hardness and size of the appropriate size, such as unqualified not to use, so as to avoid serious damage to the machine.
  2, the particles should not be more than 100 mesh, because it will be on the fly powder, the next material leakage, affecting the mechanical parts, easy to wear, sticky red and raw material loss.
  3, if the operation of a jump or stagnation, must not be hand to take, so as not to cause injury accident.
  4, drive should first open the motor, to be normal after the operation, and then start the clutch. If you find the machine vibration abnormalities or abnormal sound, should immediately stop the inspection.
  The above is about the use of EDM Drilling Note that the EDM Drilling does not use raw materials that are not dried during use because it causes the powder to stick to the punch surface.
EDM Drilling in the process of running the process, will withstand from the external environment and its own operation and some other adverse factors, so there are many failures, then we usually how to analyze to troubleshoot it? The following by the World technical staff for everyone to analyze a few points:
 The first: first analysis of high-speed plus the cause of the failure is caused by their own? Or the cause of external factors, if it is caused by external causes of failure, then it should be EDM Drilling local power supply voltage is too low, or too high, resulting in excessive power fluctuations, the power phase sequence is not correct or the input voltage imbalance ; Then there is the external environment is too high and harmful gases, moisture, dust intrusion and so are one of the causes of failure.
The second type: If it is EDM Drilling itself caused by the failure of such failures occurred due to high-speed machining center itself caused by the reasons, and external use of environmental conditions have nothing to do, may be due to the installation of parts quality, parameter settings , The quality of components, software design is not perfect and other factors.
The third kind: In the process of processing due to the guide rail, spindle and other moving parts of the interference, making the processing accuracy worse, running resistance becomes larger, increased friction, improper operation and other reasons is also an important factor caused by failure.
Now in our daily life, EDM Drilling is very common, it has to achieve high-speed, high precision, high stability requirements at the same time more powerful cutting performance, suitable for all kinds of high-precision mold sample processing, to achieve high efficiency, Benefit, but do you know about EDM Drilling how to use it? Here we look at the following:
 1, before the boot must be connected to the oil and water pipes, so that the first spindle connected to the mains and then start the spindle motor, the installation of the tubing can not take the wrong. The left and right sides of the spindle for the water pipe, the middle of the tubing (CNC drilling and milling machine spindle is grease lubrication, do not use the above method.
  2, turn on the power switch, instructions light. Open EDM Drilling, wipe the cavity and turn the head clean.
  3, put the same weighing tube test tube. Set the timing and turn on the power switch. Adjust the speed knob to the desired speed.
  4, each time you stop, you must set the speed control knob to the minimum position, set the timer to zero, and then turn off the power switch.
  5, wipe the cavity and turn the head, close the high-speed cover.
The above is about the use of EDM Drilling to share, only the correct use of EDM Drilling in order to make our work greatly enhance the efficiency for us to create greater economic benefits.

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