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EDM Common Fault

EDM as an indispensable machine mold, has been widely popular, this article by baoma numerical control after-sales staff years of repair experience, to share the common spark problem, want to help.

1, high discharge arc operators should check any damage on the power Board.

2, servo motor, the head cannot move, the operator should be according to the following pattern:

① checking correct operation (such as: manual box, eyes open: electric cabinet operation Board emergency stop switch, switch, normal position the locking head)

② check inside the cabinet door, drag the 3rd servo plate on the next three lights grew bright, if not longer, please see cabinet door the outlet under the 4th fuse if fuse.

③ Head of shell on the host, check the two limit switches for damage.

④ check processing line (thick red line machine Chuck, black heavy-weight oil rear seat) are already falling off.

3, if the manual box operation fails, please check the hand control plug is loose in the box, or the wireless off and check the 1th relay Panel.

4, discharge current, touch the edge when there is no alarm, please take a look at some

① checking computer settings are correct for each parameter.

Secondly, opened the back door to check a 50A recovery 2-pole tube and see if the positive and negative transfer relay is 24V square damaged or poor contact.

③ check electrical cabinet side door outlet under the 3rd fuse is fuse.

5, the Cabinet provides the z-axis upward movement is positive, downward movement should be positive, if computer is not the correct depth in wrong direction trying to set right, please be sure to push the Cabinet at this time the "F8" key to enter the system parameter.

6, Wakamitsu grating ruler count is incorrect, check the encoder read head or feet damage

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