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Development Of Linear Cutting Machine

China's high-speed wire-EDM machine originated in the early 1970 of the 20th century, under the influence of the then more electronics, development has been slow. Into the 80 's, horns of a market economy by the large number of small and medium machine production plant response. But most small wire cutting machine production plant is still in the stage of primitive accumulation of capital, often do not have machine manufacturing capabilities, can only be assembled in the production, the quality control of the whole production process is simply, research and development, innovation, even more unlikely. Evolution to the 90 's, will inevitably enter a State of disorder competition. High speed wire cutting machine developed by our own technology, in the entire machine is of milestone significance in the history. Experience the rapid development of the 80 's of the last century, the fierce competition in the 90 's, when the growth rate of China's mold industry to take off by leaps when the ranks of the world's third, the wedm machine manufacturing while maintaining growth over 20%, also is facing a new round of market whipsaws. Have sprung up out of the machinery manufacturing companies, trying to grab high-speed wedm machine market a portion, or success, or failure, in price war Pan examples also abound. Intense later flattens, malignant competition seeking rational return, and in the face of this new ebb, and how the changing face of domestic high-speed wire-cutting machine wash trying to smile after the market?

New century early, with on high-speed line cutting technology development input of increased, a processing quality obviously above other high-speed go silk EDM line cutting machine, and approximation General of speed go thread cutting machine, in retained fast go thread cutting machine structure simple, and cost low, and process effect good, and using process consumption less, features of based Shang, reference international Shang precision mold processing equipment of advanced concept and the walking silk times cutting technology, caused has many line cutting manufacturer and user of concern, and gradually was user called in the go thread cutting. Since then, in the history of domestic high-speed wire cutting machine, "the wire" is the new term gradually sight of manufacturers, and quickly become the new darling of the cutting machine market.

Today, the "wire" this non-scientific name has become a kind of unique to China's high-speed wire cutting machine code for high-end products, not only domestic but also gradually expose pin in the international market, many companies still believe and actively committed to the international high speed wire cutting machine.

Are now recognized, repeated cutting can improve machining quality of high-speed wire-EDM machine, but not all, of the high speed wire-EDM wire-cutting machine can cut multiple times, or not all the high-speed wire-EDM machine several times after cutting technology have access to better technology. Only the manufacture of high precision, and create, in the context of the cutting condition of high speed wire cutting machine more than once to multiple cut and no stripe cutting and achieve significant technological effect. High-speed wire cutting machine with multiple cutting technique, their quality improved significantly, and close to cheap low-speed wire cutting machine and the price for this machine and its consumption is much lower than the low speed wire-EDM machine.

"For the time being, domestic enterprise technical force is uneven, capital strength also varies. To glow the high speed wire cutting machine new Springs, first is to pay attention to technical innovation, technology is the only basis for sustainable development and to ensure

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