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Buy High Speed Machining Center To Consider The Three Factors

Buy High Speed Machining center to consider the three factors
Users in the purchase of large tonnage of the machine will consider the product quality, price and other factors. Such as High Speed Machining center such a large machine, purchase more need to carefully consider, choose the right or not is particularly important. In this regard more experienced, here for you to analyze the purchase of High Speed Machining center need to consider the three factors:
1, first consider the High Speed Machining center processing accuracy
The purpose of the purchase of High Speed Machining center is to produce high-precision, high-quality products. Machine mechanic precision will directly affect the quality of the product. Rhithers. Rhitheric calling rounds.s.ithers.s.aint compositions.omen composition Results Results Results Results Shortly Rhithericulates to composition composition compositions. Also note that the so-called machining accuracy is the sum of errors caused by various factors of the entire process system, including the tolerances of the machine itself. In the selection, you can refer to the process capability kp assessment method as the basis for the selection of precision. In general, the result should be greater than 1.33.
2, High Speed Machining center stiffness requirements
High Speed Machining center stiffness requirements will directly affect the production efficiency, and machine tool processing accuracy. High Speed Machining center processing speed is relatively fast, the motor power is relatively high configuration. Users in the order, according to the process requirements, allow the torque, power, axial force and the maximum force, according to the relevant parameters to verify the verification.
3, High Speed Machining center CNC system selection criteria
The CNC system is called the brain of a High Speed Machining center and controls the operation of the entire machine. Manufacturers choose to choose the CNC system, the performance level is very different. Should be selected according to need, can not blindly pursue high indicators, so as to avoid waste.
High Speed Machining center in the use of the process, there will always be more or less fault problems. The Now the production of High Speed Machining centers are equipped with a fault alarm system, but sometimes, in the process of failure will not alarm the phenomenon. In the end is what will lead to failure does not alarm?
1, High Speed Machining center of the electrical system in the zero return method is not correct, back to zero can not ensure that the common, the fault is usually less error. In addition to the usual slowdown due to the formation of slowdown switch, the zero return time is too short will make the zero violation.
2, High Speed Machining center because the screw and the motor coupling layout of the onset of the frequency and the possibility of different, and thus the phenomenon after the phenomenon is not the same. Some scales will only be added to the negative direction, but some positive and negative direction of the possibility of change will occur. But in general, High Speed Machining intermediate coupling in the middle of the use of flexible coupling is basically negative to add more, and the middle of the use of key to connect the two problems will occur.
3, High Speed Machining center of the numerical control system is relatively simple, the system does not set the error detection, and thus in the High Speed Machining center can not have a warning display. The error situation presented in the High Speed Machining center is not within the range of design guessing and is therefore undetectable when errors are present, since most of the High Speed Machining centers use a semi-closed loop system and thus can not detect the actual orientation of the machining center.

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