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Brass EDM Wire And Zinc Coated Wire Electrode Wire For EDM Machine

Some Chinese EDM machine processing manufacturers pay more attention to importing the newest type of wire cut edm machines with high performance. However, they ignore the importance of electrode wires and treat brass wires or zinc coated wires as just common edm consumables. No matter what electro erosion machine types or processing requirements, the brass wire seems to become the unique choice in terms of its cheap and good price. From 2002 on, many edm machine users in Guangdong, China began to use the better cost-effective galvanized electrode wires which were imported from South Korea and this brought significant benefits to the EDM industry.

In 2003, more and more customers started focusing on the applications of the zinc coated wires. The shrewd wire EDM machine clients began to accept the concept “Different electrode wires benefit for different edm cutting”. In fact, the current wire cut edm cutting process has more changes than those in the past, from the cutting materials, cutting speed, framework accuracy, surface quality to the factory operating mode and so on. For these mutually active variables, only the right selection of appropriate electrode wire can make a whole optimization for the EDM machining efficiency, factory cost and cutting roughness.

TAGUTI company imported high technology to cater for the EDM market. We entrust our subsidiary factory to produce brass wires and some zinc coated wires. Our main factory is to produce EDM filter and molybdenum wires. We try hard to reduce the final cost and make best for finished products brass wires with high wire precision, tensile strength, high straightness, surface quality and high process speed. We provide the neutral package for end users and trading clients so as to promote our wires in EDM market.

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