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Analysis On The Future Development Situation And Present Situation Of EDM Drilling

Analysis on the Future Development Situation and Present Situation of EDM Drilling
EDM Drilling is a mineral raw material necessary for traditional industrial and strategic emerging industries. China is the world EDM Drilling resource power, but natural EDM Drilling resources are not renewable. Low consumption of raw ore not only to the economic interests of enterprises damaged, but also the future generations of the vital interests of damage. China EDM Drilling resource utilization is still in the primary purification, initial processing stage, EDM Drilling protective exploitation, the depth of development and utilization is essential.
According to the requirements, use to determine the EDM Drilling product classification (such as particle size, purity, etc.). Core EDM Drilling requires high purity EDM Drilling, pencil production requires low purity EDM Drilling and so on. EDM Drilling paper production requires large scales EDM Drilling, and fine scales EDM Drilling is enough in battery production. Iron and steel smelting soil EDM Drilling has enough carbon content that can meet the requirements. According to the use of the decision to produce the quality characteristics of the product, not only save costs, but also save resources.
An in-depth study of EDM Drilling's structural performance will improve the technical level of the EDM Drilling industry. Breaking the barriers of the traditional EDM Drilling industry with the carbon industry, developing EDM Drilling parts, especially users who can directly use the integrated EDM Drilling products, such as commercial electric vehicle batteries, rather than the production of raw materials for EDM Drilling, Practical value and economic advantages. With the development of science and technology and industry, EDM Drilling application will continue to expand, will become a high-tech field of new functional materials, structural materials, in the national economy will play a more important role.
EDM Drilling industry has broad prospects for development. On the one hand, the traditional battery, refractory materials, machinery manufacturing, printing toner, pencil production and other industries have long-term demand, emerging new energy vehicles, wind power, environmental management and other industries have great potential applications, on the other hand, EDM Drilling The industry relies on the development of high-performance EDM Drilling materials. At present, China's natural EDM Drilling industry mainly for mining, mineral processing, mainly by cheap labor to gain. According to EDM Drilling performance characteristics, EDM Drilling industry in the following areas have long-term development potential.
Artificial diamond with related technology through EDM Drilling and other carbonaceous materials and some metal reaction to produce diamond, widely used in various areas of the national economy. With the continuous expansion of investment and infrastructure in China, the upgrading of traditional processing areas, the transfer of global manufacturing centers to domestic and the rapid development of new industries, China's demand for synthetic diamond market is more vigorous, showing a sustained and rapid growth trend.
Special EDM Drilling mainly includes isostatic EDM Drilling and needle coke, the application area is very extensive. Equal static pressure EDM Drilling The most important consumer area is the production of solar silicon crystal, due to the rapid development of photovoltaic industry led to the rapid expansion of silicon production, as the production of EDM EDINE Drilling supplies benefit from the rapid development of the global photovoltaic industry. With the scale of the photovoltaic industry to play, the cost of photovoltaic is declining, coupled with the impact of nuclear power crisis, the future prospects of photovoltaic industry applications more. Isothermal EDM Drilling mainly used in solar photovoltaic and semiconductor, continuous casting mold, EDM and nuclear power and other fields, especially driven by the photovoltaic industry, isostatic pressure EDM Drilling in short supply, high prices. In the photovoltaic industry chain, isostatic EDM Drilling demand growth, large-scale isostatic pressure EDM Drilling production mainly sells hot and crucible products, etc. In the current domestic isostatic EDM Drilling there are bottlenecks in the context of production bottlenecks Static pressure EDM Drilling profitability will remain high. From the domestic market demand, China's reciprocal pressure EDM Drilling annual demand will be more than 30,000 tons in 2015

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