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CNC WEDM Technology

CNC WEDM Technology

Electrical discharge machining:

The phenomenon of electrical corrosion was found in the beginning of the 20th. For example, when we open contacts or close the plug or electrical switch, it often produces sparks with contact surface singeing, corrosion into rough pits and gradually damaged. For a long time, electrical corrosion has been considered as a harmful phenomenon. People continue to study the causes of electrical spark corrosion and try to reduce and avoid the occurrence of electrical corrosion. Before and after 1940, Lazareni couples, post-graducated students of the former Soviet Union Institute of Electrical discharge machining, made a research and knew that the main reason for the electric corrosion was: when the spark discharge fire, the channel instantaneously accumulated a large amount of heat to reach a very high temperature. That is heated enough to make any metal material locally melting, vaporization and removing to result in the formation of discharge pits.

Overview of wire cutting EDM

WEDM (Wire cut electrical discharge machining referred to as WEDM), is an electrical processing category. It was created by Lazareni couples from the former Soviet Union when they studied the phenomenon and causes of spark discharge corrosion and damage from switch contacts. They found that the instantaneously high temperature spark can make the local metal melting, oxidation and corrosion, thus creating and inventing the EDM processing methods. Wire cutting machine was also invented in 1960 in the former Soviet Union. While China is the first country for industrial production. China also widely produce edm consumables for edm filters, wire guides, molybdenum wires, brass tubes, to satisfy different levels of edm machines.

WEDM is short for wire cut electrical discharge machining. It is developed in the basis of electric spark drilling and forming processing. It not only makes the application of EDM developement, but also has replaced some aspects of electric spark EDM drilling and forming process. Today, WEDM machines has accounted for most of electric spark drilling machines.

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