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Molybdenum Wires High Quality Pure for Wire Cut EDM Moly Wire Roll

TAGUTI factory Molybdenum Wire for HS-WEDM (high speed wire cut edm machine): φ0.12, φ0.13, φ0.14, φ0.15, φ0.16, φ0.18, φ0.20, φ0.22, φ0.25, φ0.30mm.

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1. Technical Parameters of TAGUTI® Molybdenum Wire

Diameter: Φ0.18 mm x 2000 m;

Other diameter: from 0.12 to 3.0 mm;

Application: Molybdenum wire for reusable wire cut EDM machines.

2. The Advantage of TAGUTI® Molybdenum Wire

a. Strict material selection

   -selection of pure molybdenum materials and excellent electrical erosion resistance;

b. High tensile strength - not easily fracture of wires;

c. Low ductility - easily maintain stable tension;

d. No protective covering on the surface, manufacturing stablely and high efficient;

e. Correct wire diameter to ensure the processing precision;

f. Low wastage and long service life;

g. High curl rate, straight wire, easily thread wire;

h. Vacuum package, more than one year storage life.

3. The History of TAGUTI® Molybdenum Wire

The founder of Kelon EDM Institute of Applied Technology - - Mr. Zhang Binglong in 1991 takes the lead to propose the conception "Cold hardening" of wire-cut molybdenum wire. He changes the processing technology from the "hot-drawing" into "cold-drawing", which revolutionised the previous situation when molybdenum wire used hot-drawn technology of lighting industry.
Cold-drawn technology improves the tensile strength, reduces the elongation of molybdenum wire, and better suits for large thickness, large taper of workpieces for long time. We also provide OEM services for Chinese famous EDM manufacturers, Russian customers, Egyptian and Indian clients. Common Specifications of Molybdenum Wires: φ0.12mm, φ0.13mm, φ0.14mm, φ0.15mm, φ0.16mm, φ0.18mm, φ0.20mm, φ0.22mm, φ0.25mm, φ0.30mm.
KELON EDM Institute was founded in 1997 and experienced the rapid development of China’s EDM industry. We focuses on the R&D of wire cut EDM consumables, leads the innovation and development of EDM consumables; most successful products are “TAGUTI” EDM filter, cold-drawn molybdenum wire and electrode tubes.

Test Items
China National Standard
Test Result
No Split

No Crack

No Rag

Mo content

φ0.177 - φ0.183mm

Tensile Strength


Draping Method
Error in Length

4. The Samples of TAGUTI® Molybdenum Wire

TAGUTI Molywire Chinese Box
TAGUTI Molywire Export Box

With over 20 years experience, TAGUTI is one of the leading and certified molybdenum wires high quality pure for wire cut edm moly wire roll manufacturers and suppliers in China for its quality products and excellent services. We have a productive factory at your service. Please rest assured to buy.

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