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EDM Copper Tungsten Tapping Electrode Brass Standard Thread Electrodes

Tapping Electrode: Materials of thread electrode: high-quality copper, tungsten copper, beryllium copper, etc.

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1.The applications of thread electrode: tapping electrodes of electrical discharge machining(EDM) play an important role in mould processing as EDM tapping engages the discharge process of mould cavity. The manufacture level and EDM technology of thread tapping electrode are vital for the quality of tapping electrode and standard of processing directly impact the quality of product itself.

2.Materials of thread electrode: high-quality copper, tungsten copper, beryllium copper, etc.

3.Features of TAGUTI® threading electrodes: high purity, good electrical and thermal conductivities, strong anti-oxidation, fine corrosion resistance and excellent processability.

4.Common Specifications of Screw Thread Electrode:

a.Metric standard of thread electrode: M1.6、M2、M2.5、M3、M4、M5、M6、M7、M8、M10、M12、M14、M16、M18、M20、M22、M24......

b.US standard of thread electrode: UNC、UNF、UN  1-64、1-72、3-48、2-56、4-40、5-40、6-32、6-40、8-32、10-24、12-32、1/4-20、1/4-28、5/16-24、5/16-20、5/16-18、3/8-16、7/16-20、1/2-13、5/8-18......

c.National (American) Pipe Thread NPT-60: 1/16-27、1/8-27、1/4-18、3/8-18、1/2-14、3/4-14......

d.British Standard Whitworth Thread BSW-55: 1/8-40、1/4-20、5/16-18、3/8-16、7/16-14、1/2-12......

e.British Pipe Thread PT-55: 1/16-28、1/8-28、1/4-19、3/8-19、1/2-14、3/4-14......

※Special specifications of thread electrode can be customized!

※For more products, welcome to download the PDF documents!

With over 20 years experience, TAGUTI is one of the leading and certified edm copper tungsten tapping electrode brass standard thread electrodes manufacturers and suppliers in China for its quality products and excellent services. We have a productive factory at your service. Please rest assured to buy.

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