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YT-32 Filter Cartridge Agie Charmilles H15.475/1 Mann Wire EDM

YT-32 Filter Cartridge Agie Charmilles H15.475/1 Mann Wire EDM

TAGUTI Code No.:YT-32 Agie Charmilles EDM Filter
Dimensions: Φ150 x Φ33 x 375 mm
Reference:Mann H15 190/16, H15 475/1

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Product Details

TAGUTI Code No.:YT-32 EDM Filter

Dimensions: Φ150 x Φ33 x 375 mm

Connection system: Without connection nipple

Application: Wire cut EDM, sinker EDM

Category: Filter cartridge

Reference: Mann H15 190/16, H15 475/1

Flow direction: Outside to inside

Filter fineness: 5 - 7 µm

Filter medium: German H&V paper

Pleats way: Single bellow

Filter surface area: 3.90 ㎡

Weight: 1.10 kg

Packing: 10 pcs per box

Filter cartridge Mann Eco H15.190/16 Ø 145 x Ø 31 x 375 mm; 3-5 µm

Reference Number

  • 04.01.031, 04.01.035, 04.01.036, 04.01.201 

  • 100343117, 2060130, 618.377.6, 343.117.E

  • H 15 190, H 15 190/1,H 15 190/16; H 15 475/1,H 15 190/10

  • DW-32

Applicable Machine

Agie AC 120, Agie AC 120 F, Agie AC 120 P, Agie AC 150, Agie AC 150 F, Agie AC 150 F HSS, Agie AC 150 HSS, Agie AC 150 P, Agie AC 150 P HSS, Agie AC 170, Agie AC 170 HSS, Agie AC 220, Agie AC 250, Agie AC 250 HSS, Agie AC 250 SF, Agie AC 250 SF F HSS, Agie AC 250 SF HSS, Agie AC 270, Agie AC 270 HSS, Agie AC 270 SF F HSS, Agie AC 270 SF HSS, Agie AC 320, Agie AC 350, Agie AC 350 HSS, Agie AC 370, Agie AC 370 HSS, Charmilles FI 100, Charmilles FI 1020, Charmilles FI 1020, Charmilles FI 1020SI, Charmilles FI 200, Charmilles FI 2020, Charmilles FI 2020.1, Charmilles FI 2020SI, Charmilles FI 2030SI, Charmilles FI 2030SI-TW, Charmilles FI 290, Charmilles FI 290 P, Charmilles FI 300, Charmilles FI 310, Charmilles FI 330 F, Charmilles FI 400, Charmilles FI 4020, Charmilles FI 4020.1, Charmilles FI 4020SI, Charmilles FI 4030SI, Charmilles FI 4030SI-TW, Charmilles FI 500, Charmilles FI 510, Charmilles FI 600, Charmilles FI 6020, Charmilles FI 6020.1, Charmilles FI 6020SI, Charmilles FI 6030SI, Charmilles FI 6030SI-TW

TAGUTI® manufactures, stocks and sells high qulity EDM products.

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