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Charmilles More Parts List A for Agie Wire Cut EDM Machine

Threading Nozzle C210, C209, Flushing Nozzle
Die for Chopper, Chopper Blades, Carbide Roller
Pressure Roller, Brake Ring Set, Wire Cutter Die

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Agie Charmilles EDM Consumables Gear

Charmilles EDM Accessories Wire Cut EDM Machine

Charmilles More EDM Parts For Agie Wire Cut EDM Machine

Item Code
Product Description
1341.373Conveyer beltL=0.7x15x3350mm
2443.364Theaded bush
3452.134Conveyer beltL=20x6980mm
4000.437.4Carbon bush
5155.502.8 590155502Bottom flushing cover
6174.122.2 590174122Magnetic brake carrier
7185.343.1 185.343Centering ring
8239.653.9 239.653Gear
9318.264.9Conveyer beltL=5300mm
10326.294.6 326.294Ceramic brush
11326.604.6 326.604Brake ring
12326.844.8Sapphire deflector shroud
13331.394.7Conveyer beltL=5850mm
14331.404.4Conveyer beltL=5700mm
15337.644.9Conveyer beltL=7550mm
16338.184.5 338.184Suction tube
17341.394.5Conveyer beltL=5600mm
18351.624.1 351.624Shaft upper
19351.644.0 414.604.9Horizontal arm lower
20352.904.7 352.904Casing complete
21358.684.9 358.684Current supply
22373.354.0Conveyer beltL=7920mm
23373.364.9Conveyer beltL=7800mm
24396.414.5 396.414Section tube
25396.554.8Conveyer beltL=20x5930mm
26400.754.8 400.754Treaded ring
27400.884.3 400.884Conveyer beltL=20x6140mm
28400.914.8Conveyer beltL=8300mm
29407.44.2 407.44ConveyerL=20x6600mm
30407.734.3 407.734Conveyer belt
31407.744.2Conveyer beltL=6600mm
32421.084.5Conveyer beltL=6090mm
33421.094.4Conveyer beltL=6380mm
426.364.6 426.364
Threading ring complete

Horizontal arm upper


435.974.4 435.974
Spring ring

38435.994.9 435.994Bushing
39447.294.0Conveyer beltL=6000mm
40448.924.1 448.924CutterAC Classic and AC Evolution
41452.124.1Conveyer beltL=20x6690mm
42590191593 191.593.3Blad special
43590202052 202.032Geared wheel
44590202052 202.052Geared wheel
45590395044 395.044Spring
46590395354 395.354Wiper spring
47590426884 426.884Magnetic brake carrier complete
48590435664 435.664Tube
49590652397 652.397Carbon brush
50590692007 692.007Locking ring
51590698287 698.287Belt
52590833974 833.974Cutting plate
53590836274 836.274Upper flush housing
54590848614 848.614
Cutter blade
55590952637 952.637Stup bolt
56665.507.0 665.507Screw connetion straight

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