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M207 Plastic Water Nozzle & M2102 Ceramic AccuteX

M207 AccuteX Water Nozzle
Size: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Type: M2102 ceramic, M207 plastic

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Product Details

M207 AccuteX water nozzle

M207 AccuteX water nozzle

Sizes: φ4mm, φ6mm, φ8mm, φ10mm, φ12mm

With plastic & ceramic two types

OEM No.: X053C491H01, X054D209H11, X054D209H12

Item Code
Product Description
M2102 X054D209H11Water nozzle lower φ4mmManual ceramic DWC-F1, G, H, H1, HA, C
M2102 X054D209H12Water nozzle lower φ6mm
M2102 X054D209H13Water nozzle lower φ8mm
M207A X054D209H11Water nozzle lower φ4mmManual plastic type of M2102 with groove
M207A X054D209H12Water nozzle lower φ6mm
DWC-F1, G, H, H1, HA, C
6M207A X054D209H13Water nozzle lower φ8mm
7M207B X053C491H01Water nozzle lower φ4mm
8M207B X053C491H02Water nozzle lower φ6=M208Manual plastic type of M2102 without groove
9M207B X053C491H03Water nozzle lower φ8=M209DWC-F1, G, H, H1, HA, C
10M209 X053C491H03Water nozzle lowerID=8.0mm
11M209 X054D209H23Water nozzle lowerID=8.1mm

With over 20 years experience, TAGUTI is one of the leading and certified m207 plastic water nozzle & m2102 ceramic accutex manufacturers and suppliers in China for its quality products and excellent services. We have a productive factory at your service. Please rest assured to buy.
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