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TAGUTI® Group, which was founded in 1997, is one of the largest professional group company in the field of EDM consumables research, development, manufacture and sales with quite stable strength and advantages.

There are two subsidiaries of TAGUTI Group: Kelon Institute of Applied Technology in Suzhou and TAGUTI Industrial Limited in Hong Kong.

Kelon Institute of Applied Technology mainly produces and markets EDM spare parts (such as brass wire, resin, molybdenum wire, electrode, guide wheel, etc.) of WEDM, Sinker EDM and small Hole Drilling Machine. K
elon focuses on the R&D of EDM consumables; leads the innovation and development of EDM consumables. Our molybdenum wires starting from 1991 initiate a new era of "Cold Drawing Molybdenum Wires" in Chinese EDM industry.

TAGUTI Industrial Limited is a leading industrial filter supplier, which mainly provides the EDM filters and Molybdenum wires for China domestic demand. TAGUTI is primarily responsible for the operations of foreign markets and import and export business, specializing in Wire EDM Filter, Sinker EDM Filter, Molybdenum Wire, Brass Wire and related EDM supplies.

Adopting EDM top raw materials and combining with perfect production process, TAGUTI always sticks to his promise to provide clients with stable quality insurance and high cost performance EDM consumables.

  TAGUTI Advantages:

  1. Top material suppliers in EDM filter industry;

  2. Unremitting R&D investment;

  3. Ceaselessly perfected production process;

  4. Cost-effective products;

  5. Sustained and stable product supplies.

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